Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hello from Honduras

Hey you all!!

I finally was able to find a cafe with a halfway decent internet connection. So now when I am able to get out of the house child free (or close to it) I know where I can go to get online to update.

I have so many pictures and stories that I want to share, but no time right this moment. But I fingured that I would come on and at least say hey, and that everyone is doing well. Even Andre, after his bee sting.

Levi has been sick and we are trying to get him better, but other than that we are all doing well.

Matt - Just so you know, there is a house, and it is a nice house. I know you were scared that I would get here and there would be no house, LOL. It still needs some work - the back porch needs to be done as well as the garage. But other than that it is great.

Thank everyone who has been worried about me and thank you mom and Alan for updating what you could for me.

I miss you all, and hopefully sometime in the next two weeks or so I will be back with a REAL update!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hello my fellow bloggers

Hello all!
This is Alan (Jen's bro) letting all of you know how she is doing. I talked with her on Saturday (June 14th) via the phone and it was just awesome to here her voice! She wanted to let each of you know that she is doing fine (except for the bugs) and was concerned for all of you who enjoy her blogg. Please feel free to check out my blogg as I may post there from time to time about Jen until she finds a better internet source. The cafe she went to took two forevers to load up just one page of here emails. So as we can see the internet part has been difficult but she is doing well. Jen