Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving.

Finally a minute to get to the internet cafe. It is actually the second minute I have had since May, but because I kept hitting the wrong key on the keyboard (its a different type of keyboard than I am used to) I kept deleting my post. I finally got fed up and just left, LOL.

Because I only have a minute, this is going to be a short post, but I figure short is better than none at all. Everyone here is doing GREAT. I will be back in the US for a couple of weeks in January, so I will be updating with some pictures then. My camera was eaten by ants, seriously it was, so I am trying to get someone to lend me one to take pics of the kids for my mom, and for updating here.

Ari is growing like a weed. She is so freaking fat. At 8 months she is 23 pounds. I dont know how long she is, but she is big. She is in size 18 to 24 month clothes and size 5 shoe. Looking at her is is hard to believe that she was 5 weeks early. She doesn´t crawl, but she loves to ¨walk¨in her walker. She will stand up by herself in it for almost a minute before she sits back down in it. But she is all over the house in her walker. She doesn´t like to lay down, which would explain why she doesn´t crawl.

Levi is now talking up a storm, in both English and Spanish. Out of all of my kids, he is the most fun. His personality is so much fun.

Lana is excited because in February she will be going to school (kinder) with the rest of her older brothers and sister.

Johan had a hard time adjusting to school, but after a bit he did well. Hopefully next year he will start the year with no problems.

Isa graduated kinder this year, and next year she starts school. Along with homeschool, she will be attending school with Mickey. She likes school, and can´t wait to go to the big school.

Mickey did great this year. On her end f year report card the lowest grade that she got was a 94%. She was a sobresaliente on everything from her behavior, to her appearance, to everything.

Jordan is heading back to the US to spend the Christmas holidays with her father, but she is doing well. She starts collegio (high school) next year as well. She too will be homeschooled. But this way she gets to be around other kids her age. We don´t let her out to much in our neighborhood because most of the kids her age and a bit older are boys. And well, that can become a problem, LOL.

Sendy is doing well as well. If you remember, Sendy is my stepson. He lives with us now, and has been with us since June. Its funny to watch him and Andre together. They act like normal 14 yr old boys (Andre is 3 months older than Sendy) but Andre has a fit because he isn´t used to how other 14 yr old brothers act.

Andre also is doing well. He has lost his chunkiness, and turned it back into muscle from working. Its hard to believe that he will be 14 the end of December. Where did my little boy go? He is coming up with me in January, and he is looking forward to visitng family and friends in the US as well.

Well that was the quick version. When I land in the US, you will know because I will be posting updated pics of the kids and more blog posts.

I hope everyone has a GREAT Thanksgiving, and know that I miss you all :)