Thursday, July 10, 2008


I got away from the family for a few minutes and managed to make it to the internet cafe. I have internet on my cell phone, but it sucks, so I can´t do anything on it as far as the blog goes. Or anything else for that matter, LOL.

Things here have been going well. Well sort of. If you count Jordan getting stung by an alacran (think black scorpion) a couple of weeks back, then later in the week she was walking in the kitchen (cement floor) barefoot, and the floor was wet, and she fell and hit her head on the floor. Then an hour or so later she dumped a huge pot of boiling beans on her foot and hand and got burned real bad. But other than that, everything is going well. Oh and yes Jordan is fine now, LOL.

Oh and one of our dogs got hit by a car (the person purposly swerved to hit the dog, who was on the side of the road) and died. That was a sad thing for the kids to see.

I now have a fuego, which means fire. Its an outside fire stove like thing. I had pictures but someone erased all of the pictures off of y SD card, so I can´t show you. Well I dont have a card reader either so even if I did have them, I couldn´t show you.

I may be coming to the US for 10 days later this month, and if I do, I will upload all the pictures from my laptop to show you all. And I will have time to be online (because it will just be me and Andre and Levi at my MOMS house. You know what that means right? Nana does everything, and I get a vacation. Just kidding mom.) and I can tell you all the stories of the milkman, the crazy lady, the little girl on the bike and Isa and her boyfriends. My internet time is up now, otherwise I would tell you now, LOL. I miss you all though, more than you know. I miss not being able to check in on you all. Be sure though that if I do go back to the US for those couple of weeks, I will catch up with ALL of you!