Friday, May 1, 2009

No longer a baby - and please vote...

Yeah I know at 18 months, he is still a baby - but he had his first real hair cut today, and he looks like a little big boy, and not my baby. These aren't the best pictures, but he is sick, and cranky and not really willing to take pictures for me.

Here is my baby boy.

Sorry its so small, but here he is getting ready to be buckled in the car seat, looking like a little big boy.

Andre wants me to let him do something, and I am having a hard time allowing him to do what it is that he wants to do. So we made a bet, and its up to you all to see who wins the bet. Here are two pictures of Andre. One before his haircut, and one after his haircut. Which one do you think looks better - with his hair shorter or with his hair longer. (And usually when I get his hair cut, it is alot shorter - as in skin on the sides, and almost skin on the top - but because he has had it long for so long, this was a huge shock to him, so I let him keep it longer).

Depending on what the comments say, that will determine what Andre will be allowed to do. And I know that I am being vague, but that is because I don't want to throw the voting either way. I will take comments until Midnight Sunday night (EST) and post the results as well as who won the bet, and what that person has won. (Am I making sense here??)

Long Hair Andre

Short Hair Andre

I will say though that I think he looks so handsome with his hair short. I mean he looks nice either way, but I love it when his hair is short - he looks a little less Farrah Faucet-ish - you know with the feathered hair ;P

Oh - and did you notice? What you ask. Did you notice that little shadow the is under Andre's lip - but above his mouth. Thats right, its a mustache. And it is about stinkin time. I mean after all, he is 13 (and almost a half) you know. Whats that you say, you didn't see anything there - well thats because he has shaved it off. Yes you all, Andre now has mustache hair (albeit maybe only 4 peices of fuzz, but still, its there) so he must shave. And not only must he shave, he must do it EVERY MORNING, becuase if he doesn't his upper lip is prickly. This according to one of the girls at his school. I do need to ask how she knows if his upper lip is prickly or not though.

Anyways, leave me a comment letting me know which way you vote - Andre long hair, or Andre short hair, and help us settle our dispute.

(*vote for short hair Andre, vote for short hair Andre*)