Tuesday, May 20, 2008


By now I will have reached my in-laws house, and will be heading to my own house soon. I will be back hopefully this Saturday to update you on how crazy my life has been.

Hope you have a good week!

I should be in the air by now!!!

As long as I am on time, then we should be in the air by now. Hopefully Levi wont cry, and Jordan's ears wont bother her to much. I have been giving her Sudafed so she wont be stuffed up. Pray that the kids sleep for a good part of this flight. PLEASE!!!!

I am on my way...

As of right now, I am on my way to the airport to check in and get through security, and just get there.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

How hard is it for everyone to look one way??

Obviously, in my family, it is beyond hard, because no one can do it.

So many times have I started to update this blog, only to get irritated, and frustrated and erase it. I have so much stuff going through my mind right now, that anything I try to do, it becomes a chore. My mind right now is pure chaos.

Two days from now I will be loading up the luggage and the children and be on my way to the airport. 2 more days. Where did the time go? I remember when I thought that I never would have been able to survive the 7 and a half months until time to go. And now here it is just a couple more hours (ok more than a couple of hours, but really not much).

My last day of work was the 5th of May. But I still went in 8 more times to work off the clock. Why? Well for a couple of reasons. I worked so that I could get some free food this last week for the kids, so I wouldn't have to cook. Although I am only taking advantage of it on Monday. I think the biggest reason I went was so that I would have something to do, instead of sitting here looking at the 4 walls all night long. I mean it isn't like I have a whole house to pack up/clean up for a move right?

What have I done to get ready for the move? Hmm...

  • Monday night was the Panda Buffet with my landlord and his wife and kids. They are also good friends of ours. I worked Monday night too.
  • Tuesday night was the Eastern Buffet with Gloria and the kids. I worked Tuesday night too. Milton also came over after work (12:45AM) and hung out until after 5AM, after he left, I went to sleep, and then was up at 7AM.
  • Wednesday I was a grump all day and exhausted because I only got an hour of sleep the night before.. Wednesday night I wanted to go to bed early, but due to the fact that my ex-husband was coming by to get a dresser after work, I couldn't. (he gets off work at 12:30ish).
  • Thursday was fill the trailer with trash and crap day. And I spent the day loading that up for a trip to the dump.
  • Friday was meet my grandparents and my mom and Rob at the old country buffet for a good-bye dinner.
  • Saturday was a take Jordan to her fathers and then come home and sit around the house day. Milton came over tonight at 10:30PM to get the TV, TiVo, entertainment table, and other odds and ends so that I would be less stressed. However he is so much like my husband, you wouldn't believe. He is talking to me on the phone, knowing I am stressed beyond belief, and he is giving me a hard time to piss me off. Just like Lale, I swear. I got so mad that I was crying. And for what? For nothing.
  • Tomorrow is church and cleaning the house real well. But here it is 2:15AM and I am still sitting on the couch.
  • Monday I have to go to the laundry mat to wash blankets and last minute clothes and what not. Oh yeah, and find someone to buy my crib, and see if who is supposed to buy my van still wants to buy it. And if not, find another person to buy it. HA. Good luck to me, right?
So as you can see, other than loading the trailer with stuff for the dump, I really haven't done much have I? Oh sure I have plans to clean tomorrow today, but lets see if I can procrastinate even more.

I am stressed. I just want for it to be over and done with and me on my way. I have people who are supposed to come and get stuff, and yet they still haven't, and that is adding to my stress. All I can say is, its a good thing I work well under pressure. I know come Monday night, I will be cleaning like crazy.

Once I leave though, don't expect an update until at least the 24th, if not later. I don't know if the first weekend if I will be able to make it to the internet cafe, but I will try.

I will have my camera and a notebook and pen though, to write about my trip - well as much of it as I can, since Levi will be on my lap for most of the trip. Should be fun, Myself, with 7 kids who have been up for most of the night (and who are kids that need 12 hours of sleep), on a 4 hour flight, then an hour layover, an hour long flight, another hour layover, then another hour long flight. Then getting myself, those same 7 children, who now have been up for more than a little bit, and who by then will probably be crazy, all my luggage (yes, all 16 peices of it - 800 pounds of luggage) through customs, and immigration to finally see my husband on the other side. Then we get to load up the luggage and the kids (who will be split into two - possibly more - different vehicles) and go on an hour and a half ride to my in-laws house, visit for a bit, then another half an hour or so to my house. I CANT BELIVE I WILL FINALLY BE ABLE TO SEE MY HOUSE!!!!! Then it is time to begin my life in Honduras. Time to get a schedule down.

But I will be writing blog material as each day goes by, I can promise you that ;) Oh and I promise pictures of my house too. Since no one ever sent me any... humph.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Something different...

Today was one of those days. I had a headache almost from the time I got up, one that my migraine meds wouldn't help. Any guesses why? Here let me give you a hint, and see if you can see what is different about me this evening.

Here I am before

And here I am after

Other than the fact that I am tan. (Really I am not that odd looking - color wise, its got to be the camera. Or maybe its the fact that this year I have aquired tons of freckles and they all want to come out and play??)
Can you figure out what is different? It has something to do with having $352 less than I did this morning. Still no clue? Well maybe we should ask Johan and Isa what is different about me.
This morning while I was still asleep in bed in the shower, the kids were on my bed, and I didn't even realize it. Either Isa or Johan (it depends on who you ask) got ahold of my glasses. So either Isa or Johan (again, it depends on who you ask) knew that their brother/sister would get in trouble, so they decided they would *help* them out and take the glasses from him/her. And a struggle occured, and my glasses were the victim. So I was blind until this afternoon when my mother was able to come over and take me to Lens Crafters so that I could get an eye exam, and spend a super crazy amount of money on new glasses. I really liked a different pair, but the nose guard thing made me mad, so I didn't get them. It makes me want to cry at how much I wanted to get those.
I will say though, having a migraine all day, and also not being able to sleep does great things for my eyes. Really. My eyes are green, with brown in them. BUT unless I am crying, you would think that they were brown. But today, with being bloodshot and what not, it really brung out the green. Not as green as if I was crying, but still.
See?? (can you really see the green? *I* can, but am I crazy expecting you all to? If not, then when I am crying, I will take a picture to show you how green they really get)


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Looking for Love

This is Jose Fermin. He goes by Jose, or Fermin. My nickname for him is House Guest From Hell (HGFH). In 2006, he came to stay with us from April to August. A total of 4.5 months. And I hated every second of it. He got on my last nerve and I couldn't wait for him to move out. He is my husbands friend, and even Lale wanted him out of the house. Now that he is out of the house (and has been for almost 2 years) he doesn't get on my nerves so much, LOL. I can stand him for about 5 minutes a month, and now that we are so close, I thought I would help him out.

Fermin has been in the US for 2 years, and his girlfriend that he left back home, the one who promised to wait for him, etc. etc. has a new man. Well not such a new man, because she has had him for over a year now. Anyway, that means that Fermin is all alone. He is looking for love. I told him I would put his picture online with a brief description about who he is, and maybe we could find a love match.

Let me tell you a bit about Fermin. He is a 35ish yr old hard worker. Well when he feels like it. Right now he is working two jobs. (see his McDonald's shirt, and notice he is in front of KFC? No worries about food if you are with Fermin). When he gets paid, I am sure that he would gladly spend his money on you. He would gladly buy you many many cases of cervesa - usually Corona, sometimes MGD - each week. He would help you drink it too. He doesn't discriminate against woman. Ago doesn't matter to him. Just ask his last girlfriend. She was 60ish years old.

Oh yeah, and Fermin is from Honduras, and El Salvador. I am not sure if he was born in El Salvador, and his dad is Honduran, or if he has papers from both sides because his mom is from El Salvador, and his dad is from Honduras. (Or maybe his mom is from Honduras, and his dad is from El Salvador. I think he told me, but this was when he was living with me, and I ignored him the best I could) He has 2 children of his own, and he has 3 others that are not his, but he has assumed as his, and takes care of. He is not together with the mother of his kids, as she has a boyfriend.

All in all, I think he would be a good catch for the right woman. Any takers? Leave me a comment with a contact email, and I will hurry up and get you all set up ;)

Oh yeah, and he told me to make sure I put down that he would quite the catch. That he is el mas guapo de la familia - the most handsome one of the family.
So come on ladies. Lets find him some love...

Monday, May 5, 2008

More Goodbyes...

Well over the last couple of days my brother in law, Milton, stopped by as well as my nephew, Carlos. Both came by to say good-bye and so that I could take some pictures of them for their family in Honduras.

It was nice and we all hung out for a bit. The kids got to play with their uncle and cousin. It is sad, because they are such a big part of my family, and I am going to miss them so much. The kids will too. The kids love when they come over to play with all of them. They both work so much, but still try to get over here a couple of times a month. Who knows when we will see them again. Both Milton and Carlos have been here since early 2004, so really none of the little ones can remember a time without them. Mickey was barely 1. Isa was just a baby, Johan, Lana, and Levi weren't even born yet. So while they may not realize that its going to be awhile, I do. And that makes me sad. Jordan and Andre are sad that they have to say goodbye to them. In the picture with Carlos, Jordan did her best to not smile, as she was going back and forth between being sad to say good-bye, and being happy and goofing off with Carlos. Andre didn't want to take pictures with Carlos or Milton. He does his best to forget that we have to say goodbye, so if he doesn't take pictures he figures that he isn't saying goodbye. He is alot like his mother that way. If we ignore it, maybe it wont happen. Or saying goodbye will be easier to deal with, LOL.

Here are slide shows of the kids enjoying their uncle and cousin. Isn't Milton such a cutie? Ever since the first time I met him, I have had a mini crush on him. (not a bad crush, LOL. Like a schoolgirl crush. He is just a cutie.)



I also cried for the first time today. Well not cried for the first time ever, but cried for the first time in relation to my moving. I was talking to my mom about why Rob was acting like a jerk, and she said well he sometimes does that when he doesn't know how to handle the situation. Meaning me moving. So I said well is he upset because we are leaving, or because of how hard it is going to be for you. And she didn't say anything. Which, in our family only means one thing. Tears. I told her to stop because I couldn't handle her crying. And I can't. I am going to do my share of it in Honduras because I am so going to miss her. She is like my best friend. We talk ALL the time. I mean, like 5+ times a day. I wont be able to do that in Honduras. It will be more like once a week or so. I think that is going to be the biggest and hardest adjustment for me. Actually I know it will be the biggest adjustment for me. Up until today I have been blocking it out of my mind, and I have been fine. So now I am trying to put it back to wherever it was, so that I don't think about it. But it is hard.