Friday, May 9, 2008

Something different...

Today was one of those days. I had a headache almost from the time I got up, one that my migraine meds wouldn't help. Any guesses why? Here let me give you a hint, and see if you can see what is different about me this evening.

Here I am before

And here I am after

Other than the fact that I am tan. (Really I am not that odd looking - color wise, its got to be the camera. Or maybe its the fact that this year I have aquired tons of freckles and they all want to come out and play??)
Can you figure out what is different? It has something to do with having $352 less than I did this morning. Still no clue? Well maybe we should ask Johan and Isa what is different about me.
This morning while I was still asleep in bed in the shower, the kids were on my bed, and I didn't even realize it. Either Isa or Johan (it depends on who you ask) got ahold of my glasses. So either Isa or Johan (again, it depends on who you ask) knew that their brother/sister would get in trouble, so they decided they would *help* them out and take the glasses from him/her. And a struggle occured, and my glasses were the victim. So I was blind until this afternoon when my mother was able to come over and take me to Lens Crafters so that I could get an eye exam, and spend a super crazy amount of money on new glasses. I really liked a different pair, but the nose guard thing made me mad, so I didn't get them. It makes me want to cry at how much I wanted to get those.
I will say though, having a migraine all day, and also not being able to sleep does great things for my eyes. Really. My eyes are green, with brown in them. BUT unless I am crying, you would think that they were brown. But today, with being bloodshot and what not, it really brung out the green. Not as green as if I was crying, but still.
See?? (can you really see the green? *I* can, but am I crazy expecting you all to? If not, then when I am crying, I will take a picture to show you how green they really get)



Jennie B said...

Gotta love kids. Mac would take my glasses and chew them so the lenses got scratched. He would rip them off my face and insert into his mouth before I could comprehend what happened. That was a 200 dollar new pair as well. Gotta love kids!

I see you green eyes, i noticed an eye change in your first two comparison pictures.

Amie Vaughan said...

Ugh! I hate how they charge so much for something you can't live without. Thanks, kids! Sheesh.

Yes, I can see the green... =D

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Who is that woman with the green eyes in the bottom of the post??? Is that your neighbor? Because that is NOT YOU!!!!!!!!!! LOL... you look like a different person without glasses!! Wow!!!

LOL on the kids and the glasses... I know it wasnt funny what you spent, but it is funny to imagine how they accuse each other... LOL

Andrea said...

Oh I so guessed glasses!! I noticed! And they look good! Kids are so funny!! And your eyes are so green!!

LaGringaMasBella said...

I got it right but it took me a minute. Yeah that ranks right up there with the time I bought a $600 camcorder ... the one that my oldest nearly flushed.

I like the new glasses by the way but they were almost like the old ones, that's why it took me a minute.

We need updates on the move chica! lol How's it goin?

-Lisa :)

Karen said...

You're not crazy, I see the green. I'm so sorry about the glasses. Just ouch. But the new ones are cute if that helps.

ikaros said...


I appreciate very much your feedback to my comment on Meghan’s blog.

I understand there are many generalities about the type of relationships I alluded to in my comment. Unfortunately, my particular experience has reinforced the stereotypes. However, as I made it clear in my commentary, that didn’t mean all of those relationships were a means to an end (i.e. green card). It just so happened that I hadn’t come across one!

Meghan’s candid narrative about her relationships, struggles, and emotional strain painted the same exact picture I had observed a few years back. I couldn’t help but draw parallels, note similarities, and see patterns of relationships of convenience. Thanks for sharing your experience. It is definitely refreshing to read about one such relationship that has been successful

I wish you and your family the best of luck with your impending move.


Anonymous said...

LoL, I've been there done that so many times!!!

You look sooo different without glasses!

My name is Alan said...

Jen Honey, put your classes back on! LoL How is the cornsilk hair dear? I love you-Al

Brenda said...

I have been following your blog for quite awhile now.
I just want to say that I hope that your move goes smoothly. Take care and have a good trip.

chicadedios25 said...

Aren't kids great?