Sunday, May 18, 2008

How hard is it for everyone to look one way??

Obviously, in my family, it is beyond hard, because no one can do it.

So many times have I started to update this blog, only to get irritated, and frustrated and erase it. I have so much stuff going through my mind right now, that anything I try to do, it becomes a chore. My mind right now is pure chaos.

Two days from now I will be loading up the luggage and the children and be on my way to the airport. 2 more days. Where did the time go? I remember when I thought that I never would have been able to survive the 7 and a half months until time to go. And now here it is just a couple more hours (ok more than a couple of hours, but really not much).

My last day of work was the 5th of May. But I still went in 8 more times to work off the clock. Why? Well for a couple of reasons. I worked so that I could get some free food this last week for the kids, so I wouldn't have to cook. Although I am only taking advantage of it on Monday. I think the biggest reason I went was so that I would have something to do, instead of sitting here looking at the 4 walls all night long. I mean it isn't like I have a whole house to pack up/clean up for a move right?

What have I done to get ready for the move? Hmm...

  • Monday night was the Panda Buffet with my landlord and his wife and kids. They are also good friends of ours. I worked Monday night too.
  • Tuesday night was the Eastern Buffet with Gloria and the kids. I worked Tuesday night too. Milton also came over after work (12:45AM) and hung out until after 5AM, after he left, I went to sleep, and then was up at 7AM.
  • Wednesday I was a grump all day and exhausted because I only got an hour of sleep the night before.. Wednesday night I wanted to go to bed early, but due to the fact that my ex-husband was coming by to get a dresser after work, I couldn't. (he gets off work at 12:30ish).
  • Thursday was fill the trailer with trash and crap day. And I spent the day loading that up for a trip to the dump.
  • Friday was meet my grandparents and my mom and Rob at the old country buffet for a good-bye dinner.
  • Saturday was a take Jordan to her fathers and then come home and sit around the house day. Milton came over tonight at 10:30PM to get the TV, TiVo, entertainment table, and other odds and ends so that I would be less stressed. However he is so much like my husband, you wouldn't believe. He is talking to me on the phone, knowing I am stressed beyond belief, and he is giving me a hard time to piss me off. Just like Lale, I swear. I got so mad that I was crying. And for what? For nothing.
  • Tomorrow is church and cleaning the house real well. But here it is 2:15AM and I am still sitting on the couch.
  • Monday I have to go to the laundry mat to wash blankets and last minute clothes and what not. Oh yeah, and find someone to buy my crib, and see if who is supposed to buy my van still wants to buy it. And if not, find another person to buy it. HA. Good luck to me, right?
So as you can see, other than loading the trailer with stuff for the dump, I really haven't done much have I? Oh sure I have plans to clean tomorrow today, but lets see if I can procrastinate even more.

I am stressed. I just want for it to be over and done with and me on my way. I have people who are supposed to come and get stuff, and yet they still haven't, and that is adding to my stress. All I can say is, its a good thing I work well under pressure. I know come Monday night, I will be cleaning like crazy.

Once I leave though, don't expect an update until at least the 24th, if not later. I don't know if the first weekend if I will be able to make it to the internet cafe, but I will try.

I will have my camera and a notebook and pen though, to write about my trip - well as much of it as I can, since Levi will be on my lap for most of the trip. Should be fun, Myself, with 7 kids who have been up for most of the night (and who are kids that need 12 hours of sleep), on a 4 hour flight, then an hour layover, an hour long flight, another hour layover, then another hour long flight. Then getting myself, those same 7 children, who now have been up for more than a little bit, and who by then will probably be crazy, all my luggage (yes, all 16 peices of it - 800 pounds of luggage) through customs, and immigration to finally see my husband on the other side. Then we get to load up the luggage and the kids (who will be split into two - possibly more - different vehicles) and go on an hour and a half ride to my in-laws house, visit for a bit, then another half an hour or so to my house. I CANT BELIVE I WILL FINALLY BE ABLE TO SEE MY HOUSE!!!!! Then it is time to begin my life in Honduras. Time to get a schedule down.

But I will be writing blog material as each day goes by, I can promise you that ;) Oh and I promise pictures of my house too. Since no one ever sent me any... humph.


LaGringaMasBella said...

I thought why is she posting so many of the same picture? (It's 4:44 a.m. here!) and then I got it, lol. Levi was looking everywhere but at you!

I knew that you were hustlin and bustlin to get everything ready. I would be a lil ill if people didn't come and pick things up already too but today is Sunday so maybe those peeps will come.

It sounds like you've had a lot going on with goodbye dinners, etc.

Take a deep breath, get some sleep, don't over do it and just take one thing at a time ... that's all you can do.

I hope that you have an uneventful safe trip and I can't wait to hear about your move.

Take care!
-Lisa :)

P.S. You are in my prayers.

CancunCanuck said...

Wow, so soon, it went fast (at least from this chair, lol). Mucha suerte amiga, I wish you lots of luck with the traveling with the brood and I hope you have a wonderful reunion with Lale.

Can't wait to hear all about it!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Sweet mother of God.... I just realized (silly me!) that you will be actually traveling by yourself with 7 kids!! At least we are hoping that the big ones be too excited to complain and will actually hold Levi while you pee at some point or the other!! Wait, do you guys even fit in a public bathroom??? OMG! I cant even imagine.... I KNOW, at the end, the only thing it matters that you will be in HIS ARMS!!!!!!!!! OMG! That should be like a novela... Could you please tell Jordan and Andre that auntie Anelys is personally requesting them pictures of you and Lale when you see each other?? And please, I want to see Lale's face when he gets to hold Levi... (Ok.... I should calm down now, dont I?)

Anna said...

Good luck,
I'm excited for you!! My name is Anna and I just started reading your blog. moving to Mexico in the fall and looking forward to hearing about your adventures:)

Anonymous said...

Oh my GOD, you are almost there!!! I've been obsessively checking your blog hoping for an update before you leave. I am beyond excited for you and your family and will be praying that all goes quickly and smoothly.

Good luck! I can not wait for an update once you're home with Lale!


Amie Vaughan said...

The pictures cracked me up! Thank goodness for digital. =)

Facebook is great for procrastinating, in case you need something else to distract you. ;)

I'll be praying for you, that your move goes smoothly... and can't wait to hear all about it! =D

Honduras Sprout said...

I've been hitting your blog every day just wondering if there is anything. I'm so anxious for you, but I know you will do great.

I would seriously consider Benadryl or something for the children on the plane. I'm sure some of them will be sleeping, and hopefully the staff will be accommodating and helpful. I'd still want it just in case. My son had a nightmare the last leg of our journey there and back. He wanted NOTHING to do with the plane anymore and refused to accept that he couldn't get off. He screamed his head off for about 45 minutes. It was a nightmare.
Oh! And tictacs are great for giving the kids for ear popping. Water bottles with the pull tops or sippy cups are good too, but sometimes my son just didn't want a drink but he always wanted a tic tac. I travel with a stash always now.
I'm excited for you and sending prayers your way for a peaceful goodbye and traveling mercies for a safe and smooth trip.

Karen said...

Two days, girl! I'll miss you.

Great bunch of kids you've got there.

It is I said...

To everyone - thank you for the prayers and well wishes. You have no clue howmuch it means to me!!

LGMB - not just Levi, all of them are looking at different places, or have their hands in front of there face. I am still waiting for the lady who supposedly wanted my crib to come by, but as of yet she hasn't. BAH. I keep wanting to call you too, but I don't ever know when/if you are awake. And I don't want to bother you. I feel bad because I don't want to wake you up.

Kelly - It went fast on this side of the computer too! I will be thinking of you in the heat and saying if Kelly can stand the heat of Mexico, then I can stand the heat of Honduras, LOL.

Anelys - You are so funny! No one is getting anything to eat or drink so that they wont have to use the bathroom, LOL. And sorry, no pictures of us at the airport. Well of our reunion anyway. It wont be anything big to look at anyway because there will be to many people there watching, LOL. I mean it will be Lale, my father in law, my one sister in laws two daughters, Beto, one brother in law, Marlen - Beto's wife. 3 of their kids/young men. (brothers of Carlos). Chepe, a brother in law, his wife and children, Oni, a sister in law, and her son. Why so many people are coming to the airport, and not just waiting at home is beyond me, but hey, they want to make a caravan of cars and trucks on the way back home, well thats fine. More cars to spread the kids around in. At home will be my mother in law, and one of my other sister in laws with some of her kids. I may be lucky enough to get a shot of him with Levi though. Maybe

Anna - I just checked out your blog. You know Ocean City is like 2 hours away from me right now. (well as long as I don't get pulled over by a cop, LOL). I say that because I saw you worked at a place on the boardwalk. Thank you for the comment, and I hope to be able to read about your Mexican Adventure too. I have added you to my google reader.

ElSueno - I should have an update on Saturday or Sunday. I hope so anyway. Oh, and I wouldn't apologize to that cook. Thats what she gets for being a witch.

Amie - Facebook. I actually joined not to long ago, and I just don't like it. I wish I did, but I don't. I love digital camras too, LOL. I just kept snapping and calling everyones name trying to get a good picture. I have a ton more, but I figured that those were enough ;) Hey - use your auntie powers to get your neice to hurry up and get here. I wanted to see her picture before I left. My pull as her future mother inlaw isnt working.

Honduras Sprout - I had to laugh at your Benadryl statement. For us unfortunately, Benadryl causes hyperactivity in my kids. I did buy some Tylenol PM though for Andre and Jordan. To bad I can't slip them to the little ones too, LOL. I bought everyone there own special plane ride only sippy cups for take off and what not, so I hope that it helps. I also have tons of gum, and some dum dums. I will go and get some tic tacs though too. And snacks for them to eat as well. Oh, and everyone already has there schedule in there heads, LOL. ASk them and they will recite to you - first we have to take a nap, then we can get up and eat breakfast. After breakfast we can play our video games. Then we have to get off the plane. On the next plane we can color and write. Then we have to get off the plane. On the last plane we can play with out toys. Then we see Papi. Now lets see if they can stick to it, LOL.

I hope I am prepared. I keep telling myself that I am. Positve thinking has to count for something.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Jen: The correct answer to "Why so many pleople?" is: Because this is a HUGE thing and NOBODY wants to miss it!!!! Getting 7 (I know 5, but you get the point) together with their father after so many months it is something that NOBODY wants to miss....
So, dont ask me to miss it!! I want my pictures!!!j/k LOL

Jennie B said...

You are leaving me! NOOOO. Its just not fair. Really its not. Not fair at all.

That picture is hilarious, there is always at least one kid not looking at you. You know sometimes the most simple task is an achievement beyond all achievements, your will be achieved someday!

I can't wait to hear how you trip went and how things are working out for you!!

Maybe one of these days I will actually have this baby and you will get to see pictures. :)

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness! Time sure flies! I can't believe you are leaving! It must be such a rush of mixed emotions! I am sure the kids will be wild but it will be all worth it to see your man at the other end! Deep breath!! And I love how they can not look at the camera!! LOL!! My kids are like that too!! I do hope you keep up with your blog! I will miss you until the 24th!! Good luck!! and God Bless!!!

My3Ro's said...

I am so excited for you partner...I cannot wait to see pics of you and lale but take all the time you need with him. We will be here waiting. I have a feeling we may get an announcement before the end of the year though. LoL I am so happy for you Jennifer. You are a great person and deserve happiness. Have a safe trip.

Megita said...

Wow! I can't believe it's time for you to leave already! Have a safe trip and I will be thinking of you all!

I can't wait to see your new house too! Please post pics when ya get the chance!

~Megan :o)