Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Looking for Love

This is Jose Fermin. He goes by Jose, or Fermin. My nickname for him is House Guest From Hell (HGFH). In 2006, he came to stay with us from April to August. A total of 4.5 months. And I hated every second of it. He got on my last nerve and I couldn't wait for him to move out. He is my husbands friend, and even Lale wanted him out of the house. Now that he is out of the house (and has been for almost 2 years) he doesn't get on my nerves so much, LOL. I can stand him for about 5 minutes a month, and now that we are so close, I thought I would help him out.

Fermin has been in the US for 2 years, and his girlfriend that he left back home, the one who promised to wait for him, etc. etc. has a new man. Well not such a new man, because she has had him for over a year now. Anyway, that means that Fermin is all alone. He is looking for love. I told him I would put his picture online with a brief description about who he is, and maybe we could find a love match.

Let me tell you a bit about Fermin. He is a 35ish yr old hard worker. Well when he feels like it. Right now he is working two jobs. (see his McDonald's shirt, and notice he is in front of KFC? No worries about food if you are with Fermin). When he gets paid, I am sure that he would gladly spend his money on you. He would gladly buy you many many cases of cervesa - usually Corona, sometimes MGD - each week. He would help you drink it too. He doesn't discriminate against woman. Ago doesn't matter to him. Just ask his last girlfriend. She was 60ish years old.

Oh yeah, and Fermin is from Honduras, and El Salvador. I am not sure if he was born in El Salvador, and his dad is Honduran, or if he has papers from both sides because his mom is from El Salvador, and his dad is from Honduras. (Or maybe his mom is from Honduras, and his dad is from El Salvador. I think he told me, but this was when he was living with me, and I ignored him the best I could) He has 2 children of his own, and he has 3 others that are not his, but he has assumed as his, and takes care of. He is not together with the mother of his kids, as she has a boyfriend.

All in all, I think he would be a good catch for the right woman. Any takers? Leave me a comment with a contact email, and I will hurry up and get you all set up ;)

Oh yeah, and he told me to make sure I put down that he would quite the catch. That he is el mas guapo de la familia - the most handsome one of the family.
So come on ladies. Lets find him some love...


Jennie B said...

Hmmmm. Its to darn bad I am already married. LMAO. No, I have heard too many stories of "Vermin" (I can't believe you didn't mention that nickname as well... You also neglected his man crush on your DH. :)

I hope you can find someone for him, or before you know it he will move back to Honduras and be the HGFH again.

Karen said...

Drat. Too bad I'm taken.

Honduras Sprout said...

It must be the pregnancy hormones, but I'm having a surge of nausea right now thinking about life with Fermin.

chicadedios25 said...

Hummm...I don't think Carlos would let me go for Fermin.

I hate how hispanic guys are like "querio concer tus amigas" because they are all players and ask every girl they see the same thing. GRRRRR.

I will have a houseguest soon...gonna write about it eventually. I am hoping he won't be a HGFH.

Amie Vaughan said...

Wow. You make him sound so... great. Not an opportunity to pass up. Too bad I have to pass. I live too far away. Sorry. Best of luck to you, though. LOL!

LaGringaMasBella said...

I can't believe you posted an ad to find love for Fermin. That just cracked me up.

Tell Fermin I have my fingers crossed for him to find love! lol

-Lisa :)

wolfie_cr said...

Let me point out 'the' biggest alarm that your post raises

"He would help you drink it too. "

I would be EXTREMELY suspicious of any girl that would offer to help me with my beer

Your beer is my beer and my beer is my beer and that's the way it is :P

Anonymous said...

Hook Me Up!!!!

Aunt Becky said...

Dude, I am trying to jump through the Mac screen as we speak so that I may lick him.

He may very well be the one for me.

Megita said...

Poor Fermin, tell him that I hope he finds that right woman for him out there and that he finds el amor very soon!

Too bad I'm taken...

P.S. I must agree with Mandy: With all the guys I've dated, their amigos ALWAYS ask 'Hey, you got any amigas for me?' Ugh, drives me nuts! I must say though Celestino's friends haven't asked me that though...hmm.

And Honduras Sprouts is TOO funny! :D

Andrea said...

LOL! I hope Fermin finds him a wonderful woman! I would go and meet him but I am already taken. It seems like that is the excuse around here! LOL!! Good luck Fermin!!

LaGringaMasBella said...

Did anyone catch Wolfie's comment? LMAO!!!!!

You should change your username to Romeo lol.

-Lisa :)

Scarlett said...

oh my are a crack up girl! that was so funny! I've gone over the list of my friends in my head and not one lucky girl comes to mind. I will show them a copy of your post, his picture is irrisistable!!!

......I'm still laughing

although you know, he WILL find someone, I tell you there's someone for everyone. You'll have to post when ever he gets a new girlfriend. If he does, PLEASE PLEASE send me an alert email,I gotta read that!