Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thanks are in order - and the worst placement of lace EVER...

Before I post anymore blogs, I need to say thank you so much to Stacey. Stacey is someone who offered to send me some magazines so, as she said, I dont have to memorize the Joy of Cooking. Well yesterday I got my box of magazines. I wasn't going to open it until I got to Honduras, because I know how I am. If I open it, within an hour I will have read all the magazines, LOL. So I set the box aside, made a mental note to send of an email to Stacey today and went on doing what I was doing. Sometime around 2AM I couldn't stand it anymore and I opened the box (you should see me at Christmastime. They don't have to be gifts for me - if I have a gift for you, you have to open it, but NOW, LOL)


Not only did she pack in a ton of magazines for me, it also looked like she robbed a bunch of pediatricians office, there were so many Highlight magazines in there for the kids.


Look at the cover on the Real Simple magazine. Can you see it? It made my heart happy. It says lists. It is a list of lists. I love lists. I have lists telling me to write lists. I think that is why I love new notebooks so much as well. Its a fresh new start for me to write different lists in. Seriously. I ahve a notebook for home improvement that has all sorts of lists in it. As well as a notebook on the household budget, that is filled with lists. I love lists.


Even more than that, there were some shirts in there from her daughter (I dont know her daughters name, but I wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU to her daughter as well) that Mickey and Isa are going to have fun fighting over, and a shirt for Johan, and the perfect PJ for Levi.


I say perfect PJ for Levi for two reasons. One because it is lightweight, and Levi can't handle the heat that well. He will break out in a heat rash. But the second reason is because it is covered in geckos. And that boy LOVES him some geckos. He will sit there and stare at the wall waiting for the geckos to come out of hiding, then he will harass the living daylights out of me - Ma, Ma gecko. Uno gecko. Dos geckos. MA GECKOS MA, MA, MA GEEEEECCKKKOOOOSS. So I can imagine how much fun he will have with this shirt!

I was online today trying to find bras on sale for me to buy. I know TMI - anyways, I was scrolling through and out of the corner of my eye say THIS. I had to do a double and triple take. This has got to be the absolute WORST placement of black lace - ever.


Kelly said...

O.k. I had to click on (THIS) to find out where the absolute WORST placement of black lace was....

Wow, leaves nothing for the imagination, huh?

Heather said...

Hilarious lace photo, lol! I wanted to send box of pencil and pens. But i never got an addy. What was that again?

Amie Vaughan said...

oh. mygosh. that cracked me up! who in the world thought that would be an attractive idea? LMAO!

and i am so with you on the lists.

Lynette said...

It must be very fun to watch you open presents. I agree about the lace and the panties. They're quite ugly in my opinion.