Sunday, August 15, 2010

Two weeks

I am sitting here on the couch, waiting for my arthritis medicine to kick in, just thinking back over the past.  The past in general, and the past four months in particular.  Can you believe its been almost four months since I came back to the US?  When I am in the day to day of it all, it feels like each day is dragging by, and that the end of my time here will NEVER come to an end.  But as I sit here, I realize that in all reality it has flown by. 

Two days from right now, I will be in Honduras.Two days from later in the evening I will be where I want to be, where I need to be.  Back with my family.  The plan in me coming here was for me to come and work until December, and do what I could do as far as paying the debt, and from there we would figure it out, because I wasn't staying past Deccember.  Then I had the oportunity to take a little girl to Honduras to meet her grandparents and brothers and sisters (because her parents aren't able to travel due to lack of papers).  So I was happy because that meant I could take two weeks and visit with my kids and my husband.  Then the mother of the child realized she couldn't part with the baby, not even for two weeks.  So that ended that.  But I had already bought my ticket, since I could get it cheap.  That meant I still was able to take a two week vacation and visit with my family.

Two weeks to look at this..


Now, I dont know if Im going to take a two week vacation.  I am hoping that I can make my husband see that nothing good is coming out of me being here.  On the debt, we owe two people.  One person we owe almost $4000, and the other almost $10000.  Well last week the one that we owe the $4000 to came by the house and told Lale that he had to pay within 10 days because they wanted to buy some cows. 

With me being here, we haven't been able to save anything for paying the debt.  For multiple reasons.  One because anytime we have anything extra to save it ends up being spent on something I need here (BP machine, and some medications), or something goes wrong with the truck there, or someone is sick.  Ari spent close to 5 days in the hospital with pneumonia last month.  And it doesnt help that my husband isn't the best at running a household with 9 children in it as far as buying food for the month etc. etc.  He tries, but he has never had to do it, its always been my job.  So while he is getting a bit better, more money is still being spent per month than should be.  (which all of this to me says that God is saying we have to figure out how to do this TOGETHER. As in both of us there, or both of us here).

When I talked to him yesterday he told me he was able to sell some of our cows to pay L53,000 of the L70,000 that we owe the one person.  That still leaves us L17,000 short (about $900).  But its better than nothing.  The other person we owe will wait until I get my taxes done in January, then let me make payments for the rest of the year, so we dont have to worry about that debt.

Anyway, all of this blah, blah, blahing to say that me being here has done nothing to help.  And it is just me missing time with my family.  I told Lale that I dont want to come back, and that when I get there we can talk about it.  If after talking about it, we decide that I do need to come back to the US, well then I will.  It would be for three months more, thats it.  And that will pass quickly.  And I can do it.  But Im hoping I dont have to.


Jane said...

OMG - what a mess. You should be with your family! But, I understand about the harsh financial reality. If you have a bit of extra cash, why don't you buy wholesale goods and sell them in Honduras? If you need some contacts, I can hook you up. I hope you stay with your family - especially with nine children - they need a Mum near by.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jane. Te deseo un buen viaje a Honduras tus hijos van a esta super contentos de verte. Dios provee, y tu y Lale necesitan resolver los problemas de financieros juntos. Vendan un pedazo de tierra as you mentioned before, but the kids need you both, especially their mom!
You're doing a great job!

Heather said...

I know your home now with your family and i couldnt be happier for you. While we will miss your presence here, knowing your hugging those beautiful kids makes us smile!

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