Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Pila

I do apologize for not having the post up by last Saturday as promised.  However there was some drama going on (isnt there always?) and I had to deal with that instead of posting this post.  For a couple of days I removed my blog, and while I did put it back on again as you can see, it is under lock and key so to speak, LOL. 

Now, an update on my last post... Everyone is doing well at home, and they have "fixed" the bridge with dirt until the rainy season is over with and they can actually fix it right.

Ever since I moved to Honduras, I have been asking for a pila.  Whats that you say?  A pila (pronounced PEE-la) is a large cement water holding area used for washing clothes, or holding water for when there is no water, etc. etc.  Having a pila is a big responsibility that comes with pila etiquite as well. 

When you have a pila, or are at someone elses pila you do not stick your hand in there.  If you need to get water out of the pila you use a clean pana (plastic bowl) to get what you need out.  It must be cleaned at minimum every week (although at our house every 2 days seems to be about right, LOL).  It is just a big responsibility, LOL.

So anyways, for 3 years I have been asking for a pila, and was always told, later.  Well I decided to pitch a fit and get my pila.  I had already had an area picked out for my pila, and knew what I wanted, and when I told my husband, he looked at me and said no.  No? What do you mean no?  We have enough blocks to make it, all I need to get is cement and rebar.  No, he said.  I want to put it here (a totally different place - a place that I wanted to turn into a bedroom), and I want to do this, and this and this.  Whatever I said, just make my pila.  I should have stood my ground.  4 months, and who knows how much money later I now have 3 pilas, and a "laundry" room.  Which isnt finished.  Although I do have my back porch, which is about 60% finished.  (there is no floor other than dirt - which is ALWAYS nice when you have as many kids as I do, and animals, and when it rains as much as it does where I live.  My kitchen floor is ALWAYS spotless, LOL.)
The pilas technically arent finished yet because there is no faucet on any of the three, but the hose reaches, so thats ok.  Here are some progression pitctures of the back area/laundry room progress, and even some pila pictures as well.  The three pilas are for this... the small one is for washing mops, boots, feet and the like.  The middle one is for soaking clothes - either in bleach or soap or whatever, and the big one is for clothes washing etc. etc.
Can I tell you I love my pila.  I love my laundry room, I just wish it was complete.

I tried to fix the pictures so that they ran in order, but either my computer/internet or was giving me a hard time and wouldnt let me.  So if you watch all the pictures, you can sort of see the progression, but in a time warp sequence.  So sorry.


Kelly said...

Now that's progression...

Anonymous said...

Awwe Jennifer I giggled the whole time reading about your pila probs. Too cute! I loved it when you said "Whatever I said, just make my pila". LOL

Well I am sooo glad that you have your pilas now & they look very nice. Well worth the wait no doubt.

I don't get online nearly as much as I used too and stopped blogging all together. I just deleted my site a week ago maybe, Idk. I was excited when I saw the invite in my mailbox from ya. It's so good to see that you guys are doing well.

I'll keep peeping about from time to time. XOXO (LGMB)

La Gringa said...

You've kept us in suspense for way too long. Glad to hear that you have your pila(s) and I'm amazed that you've been without all this time. A pila is indispensable for so many reasons. If I was building a house in the US, I would include a pila in the plans for sure.

Jennifer said...

I love my pilas. And I was so happy when they were done. I just want my back porch done, the roofing on the entire back area, and my soon to be (hopefully) new living room done. Then I will be content. For a while anyways, LOL.

I hated not having my pila, and I agree with you LG, I think I would want a pila in my house in the US if I ever move back.

When I am in Honduras I write so many blogs in my head. But I don't like to write blogs that are just words and no pictures. But I am not sure how to post pics on the blog via my cell phone. Plus, when I am where I can update my blog, usually I am driving, or I am running errands, which as we all know is not conducive to blogging, LOL.

Since I have to make the drive down the mountain 3 times a day this year, I hope to blog more often. At least once a week is my goal. Now lets see if that is a goal I can keep.