Sunday, July 22, 2012

More than once in a year?? How'd that happen??

Well miracles do happen. 

I just wanted to post an update and let everyone know that I am in the US for a couple of days.  Any guesses what Im doing?  Well lets see, I have been dress shopping with Jordan for her quinceanera dress.  Her father is throwing her a party in Guatemala this December.  I can't believe that she will be 15 already.  I also was talking to the Army and Marine recruiter for Andre.  After December he can sign up for either one with their delayed entrance program, and will be shipping out to boot camp probably January 2014.

Oh yeah, and house hunting. 

Thats right, looking for a place to come back to.  I head home on Wednesday and begin the proces of selling my land and house.  My wish is to be back here before Christmas to spend time with my Grandparents, because at 86 and 90, they dont have many Christmases left.  The only problem is, do you know how hard it is to find a house that has enough bedrooms and space for everyone?  Especially in Florida?

I found one house that was in a nice neighborhood, but the house was horrible.  It had a pool that needs a new liner and was filled with green water and tadpoles, a "pool house" that smelled like mold and mildew, a hot tub that didnt work, needed a new roof, unven floor in a section of the house that they built on - without a permit.  It needs alot of work.

Then I found a beautiful house that I love and would move in, in a heartbeat, and was informed that the neighborhood is really rough and supposedly even the police dont like to go in that area after dark.  Is there anyway to pick up the two houses and move them - put the nice house in the nice neighborhood, and the crappy house in the crappy neighborhood?

The kids are all growing like weeds and are excited about the prospect of moving back to the US.  If I dont sell before then, I will be back in January and will update with pictures and stuff.

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