Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Getting the car ready to send.

It is now 21 days until he leaves. Ugh - the days are going by to fast. I can't remember if I said in the last post that we got a car for him to send to Honduras or not, but if I didn't tell you, well now you know. :)

On Sunday, while I took the little ones to Walmart to get their passport pictures taken for our outing next week to the Honduras Consulate, he was packing up boxes. At least that was the plan. I don't know what he was going to pack up as we did most of that this past week. When I pulled into the driveway him and Andre were in the back seat of the car fighting a HUGE box. My brilliant husband decided that he was going to put a box in the back seat - but the problem is the box is so big it wont even fit out the front door, much less into the car. So he put the box into the car and was taping it together when I pulled up. I got out the van and was just watching him, and he stopped and looked at me and smiled. He was so proud of himself. Then I looked at the front seat. I am the one who is supposed to be driving this car to the port. I am a big girl. Not just tall, but I am fat too. Plus I am 8 months pregnant. In a car normally to drive, I need the front seat all the way back for my legs. (I am 1/2" away from being 6 ft tall) I due to my baby belly, I can't sit with the seat back straight up - although when not pregnant that isn't comfortable to do either. But as I look into the front seat I realize that my 90 pound skin and bones Andre wouldn't be able to fit in the seat. I had to laugh. When I explained to my husband that I can't fit in the seat with it like that he got mad and began to mumble to himself and said something about my not being able to make any sacrafice and be unconfrtable for just a little bit. That made me laugh even more. It isn't about being uncomfortable, its about not being able to fit in the seat. I think he was just mad because it wasn't going to work, and I told him before it wouldn't, but he had to see for himself that it wouldn't work. I put the seat back to where I needed it and it squished the box up a good amount, LOL. He has yet to take the box back out of the back seat, but he hasn't filled it with anythign yet either.

When we got the car, he thought I was going to take all the kids to the MVA/DMV to get a title for this car. Then I reminded him that I am not that stupid to go spend the day there with all the kids. So he took off yesterday so that I could go to the MVA/DMV to get the car titled in my name, so that I could send it. I get to the front of the line and find out that the paperwork I have is wrong. I have a photocopied paper, and I need the original 3-copy carbon paper. So I made a phone call to the guy we bought the car from, and he sent me to a tag and title service.

I was a little wary about going somewhere else than to the MVA/DMV but I figure its worth a try. So I get the directions printed off from Mapquest, and head on down there. I pull into the parking lot and am confused. I look at this HUGE building and it says 3 Brothers all over it. I call again to verify I am in the right place, and they assure me that I am. Well this has got to be the best mix of businesses that I have ever seen. For your one stop shopping pleasure you can...

  • get title and tags at 3 Brothers Title and Tag Services
  • get your hair cut at 3 Brothers Unisex Hair Salon
  • get your drink on at 3 Brothers Liquor Store
  • wash your clothes at 3 Brothers Laundromat
  • get your taxes done at 3 Brothers Tax Preperation Services
  • get your freak on as they rent XXX DVD/VHS movies for 4 hours at a time
  • get your eat on at the 3 Brothers deli
  • pay your bills at the bill pay register
  • do misc. shopping at the 3 Brothers Drug Store
  • get your travel on by buying Baltimore bus passes
  • get your park on by renting a parking space - only $60/month
  • and more.

I was having so much fun just looking around and trying to figure out this whole set up. I mean who would have thought that all of these businesses could work so well together under one roof. I really was just blown away. Also while I was there, this little old lady came in wheeling a little wire basket thing behind her selling used washclothes because she had no more cigarettes, and no money to buy them. Nothing like downtown Baltimore to make you smile.

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