Tuesday, August 15, 2006

To the couple from the elevator at John Hopkins Outpatient

Today I had my first follow up appointment after my surgery and everything went fine. It was clinic, but I still managed to get in and out of there quickly. If anyone ever has an appointment at John Hopkins and it is at a clinic, like the obgyn clinic, or the orthopedic clinic etc. etc. don't listen to what time they tell you your appointment is. clinic is code for first come first serve. When Johan was 3 weeks old and I had to take him to clinic, I didn't know the secret language of JH, and his appointment was at 10:30AM. I got there 15 minutes early like they tell you and you have to push a button to get a number, alot like the deli number things. Well that number is to be registered. I sat there for over 2 hours before they called my number. just to register me in for the appointment, then once you are signed in, you get another number to see the doctor that you get by the luck of the draw. I sat there another 1 1/2 hours until they called my number, then another 1/2 hour for x-rays then 27 minutes in the room alone to see the doctor for 13 minutes. And everything he told me was stuff I knew from when Johan was born, and I told the nurse.

Anyway, I got out of my appointment and on the elevator I met this couple. They commented on my apparatus, and we made small talk until we got to the lower level. Then they went on to pay for thier parking, and I went to another window. As I waited in the garage for the elevator, they walked up and joined me again. Now let me interject something here, the parking at JH is done by levels, then rows. The levels are numbered, 1 to 6 - , the rows letters, A to C. There is even a place to write your level and row on your ticket. We got in the elevator and I asked them what floor. C he answers. I say to him it doesn't work that way, and explained the parking to him. His wife swears they are on the main floor, and he swears they parked on the 2nd floor. But he is SURE it is in row C. So I drop them off at level 2, and go on up to level 4. Once I get into my van, get situated and everything, more than 10 minutes has passed. I then leave the parking spot and head to the exit. On the third floor I pass him by himself looking for his car. On the first floor I find her looking for the car, yelling into her cell phone, "It isn't here stupid. Find the damn car"

I smiled all the way home.

Hopefully they found their car, and the ride home was more pleasant than I bet it was.

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