Thursday, August 31, 2006

How not to kill ants...tattletales, and 3 wishes

AHHH....naptime. peace and quiet for at least a couple of minutes. I would love to take a nap too - but then nothing would get done.

If you come to my house, and you look around at the papers that are laying around, you would probably find one or two words just written on the paper, or just random thoughts. Same thing with my computer, if you were to check out my computer, you would find all sorts of notepad files with nothing more than just a couple of words that make no sense. For instance, I have a paper that says killing ants on it, and on my computer I have a file titled shoes with wheels. Those random thoughts and words that I scribble or save are all for you guys. They are things that happen in my life that I think is funny or worth mentioning and I scribble down keywords so that I can remember what it is that I thought was funny later. Although there are times that I come across these papers and look at what is written and have no clue what it is about. That to me is even funnier. Kind of like putting something away so you don't lose it, then forget where you put it - so it gets lost anyway. I do that all the time. If I just leave it where ever I threw it down, I cuold find it 10 years later, but if I put it away, I might as well say good bye to it. This blog is going to be taken from some of those peices of paper, and notepad files.


This summer we have ants. Now this is nothing new, as each summer we get ants, but usually it is the little ants, and no to many. This year we have the little ants, and then we have the big black outdoor ants as well. And lots of them. And because I don't write down thoughts such as "call the rental office and tell them to come kill these ants" I forget to call them until like 11PM which is when I have a chance to sit down and actually think. But alas the rental office is closed at eleven, and my mental note that I make falls out through an ear in the middle of the night and runs away. Well my kids - some of them hate the ants, while others love them. Johan loves them. He tries to chase them down and squish them, where Andre and Jordan ahte them and try to kill them, and try to get Mickey and Isa to kill them too. Jolani, the only thing she cares about is that there are no ants in her formula. So Andre, being the smart child that he is, keeps coming up with ways to kill these ants. Unfortunately, he shares these ways with his little sisters too. One way is to take the spray bottle of Pine-Sol (lemon fresh) and spray the ants. Not just once, but at least 20 times per ant. So I will be in my room folding clothes, or changing Jolani and start smelling lemons, and I know that one of those three have gotten ahold of the spray and are "killing ants". Yet that doesn't kill any ants, it just makes them smell lemony. Another one of Andre's inventions is the soap method. A couple of times I have come into the kitchen and have found a huge puddle of soap in the middle of the counter. That is Andre, drying to drown the ants in soap (orange blosson Ajax if you care). I have told him a bunch of times not to waste the soap like that - I buy the huge bottles, and in the past week he has used 1/2 of the bottle trying to kill ants. Thank God that the soap is out of Mickeys reach on the counter. Well I came in this morning determined to clean the kitchen real well, so that I could call the rental office to complain about the ants, and I was wiping down the counters and they were making all of these bubbles. Andre, it seems, had decided to take the soap and not make puddles, but smear a layer of soap over the entire countertop and sink area this morning in hopes of keeping the ants away. It took me a good half an hour or wiping down the counters before I stopped making bubbles and was able to wipe them away. By the way, none of these options worked on killing the ants.


Tuesday was the kids second day back to school, and Andre's second day in middle school. He is so stressed about it, it isn't funny. Ok it is a little bit funny, because I am telling you guys. Now I remember back to middle school and remember having the same worries as he is having now, and I am trying to tell him that after a couple of weeks, everything is fine. But I am just his mother what do I know.

On Monday he was supposed to get his locker, well his lock wouldn't open on his locker. So Tuesday they gave him a new locker that opened, but he has a hard time getting it open. However it is the lock you know, not him not knowing how to open a lock like that (this is his first time having a locker and using a combination lock). And to top it off, he is so worried about making it to his classes on time. He gets two minutes to get to class between classes, and he swears it isn;t long enough. I told him, starting out, I know it doesn't feel like it is enough time to get between classes but once you get to know where you are going, it is more than enough time. But no, he doesn't believe me. He even came in last night and asked me to buy him some tennis shoes with the wheels in them so that he could be sure to make it to class on time. But the funniest part about this whole 6th grade experience so far is this... Everything that has gone wrong for him so far - in school and out - is all due to the fact that they only have two minutes between classes, and his locker is hard to open. Tuesday night that is all I heard. And not once, not twice, but three times when him and his sister were arguing, that was his response. Do you know how hard it was for me not to laugh at him outloud when I heard Jordan say "Andre when you pee on the seat, please clean it up. I don't like o go in and have to clean up yoour pee" and then his answer is "But Jordan you don't understand, I only have two minutes to get to my next class and I have a hard time opening my locker" I told him that that excuse doesn't work for anything anymore - he has used up his alloted times for using that as an excuse.

Another thing about middle school this year. The kids all get an agenda pad - which is basically a spiral notebook/day planner type of thing to write down their homework and what not. Well that is their hall pass too. If they have to go anywhere, their teacher has to sign off on it in the book. Is it really a good idea to send 6th grade boys to the bathroom with a spiral notebook? I wonder how long it is until they get peed on. And for 6th grade girls - who are hormonal - I can just see them in the bathroom writing in their book "I HATE so and so" and so forth. What ever happened to the actual hall pass??


On Monday I had my occupational therapy for my hand, and I took Mickey, my 3 yr old, with me. When I got to the doctors, I put on my splint in the parking lot (I don't wear it anymore, except to the doctors) and we went in. So when they called my name, we went back to the therapy area, and I took it off and the therapist sat down and we were talking, and Mickey says to her "My mommy doesn't like to wear her hand thing. She takes it off all day long. Mommy put the hand thing on outside today" I just looked to the therapist and said that I take it off when I am driving and changing diapers, and gave a little smile. What a tattletale!


I was watching Dog the Bounty Hunter the other night (I love me some Dog - watching him and Beth, his wife bicker all the time, is like watching me and my husband. I love it) and after he had picked up this girl, he asked her "If I could grant you three wishes, what would those three wishes be". That got me thinking about if I could have three wishes what would I wish for? What about you? What would you wish for? Either leave me a comment with your wishes, or post your own blog with your wishes (then come back and let me know you posted). But if you leave me a comment - I want your REAL wishes, not what you think you should say, but what you really wish for. My wishes are:

  1. That my children grow up to be strong, smart, happy, beautiful (inside and out) and very self assured individuals, and that they understand that yes I was strict on them, but it was to help them in their growning and learning about life. I want them to have a heart as well and to be alot like me in that aspect (I can't articulate what it is I am trying to say any better than that.)
  2. That my husband and I can have a relationship that does last a lifetime. One that is happy like my grandparents, and his parents.
  3. I wish health and love and wellness and happiness to my family and friends (both online friends and in person friends) and even in times of pain and hurt and darkness, that they know that they are loved and thought of and prayed for.

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