Saturday, September 23, 2006

Translations, Horoscopes, Fortunes and Apples

Todays Horoscope for me...

Taurus: Conversations are the name of the game today -- starting them, continuing them and understanding them. (Guess which one will be most difficult?) Be more inquisitive: Ask a lot of questions to the friends, coworkers and strangers you encounter today. Skip the small talk and try to go for a deeper connection. An intellectually intimidating person in your life has high expectations, but you will impress them with your honesty and conviction.

My interpretation: My children will do nothing but argue with eachother while I have a minor migraine (thanks to the meds for my foot) and am trying to nap, and they will come and tattle and ask all sorts of questions and keep takling and me, dealing with the headache will not understand a thing they are saying to me. I will be so confused I will want to cry. My mother then will call to ask when the kids had off in October and not tell me for what reason. She will be impressed though at how honest I am when I tell her that I have had it with the older two and how they will not stop bickering and how I am about 2 seconds from finding them a new home.

Fortune Cookie Fortune: You have a lively family

No interpretation needed. Any family of 8 is bound to be lively. (is lively the opposite of deadly)

I love it when mybabies start to talk. - my favorite part of how Johan is talking? how he puckers his lips to say everything.

The other day my brother called me. I was still asleep - sort of half in and half out of being awake, and when the phone rang, I looked at the number and wasn't sure if it was him, or my step dad - neither one of them call me, so that really threw me off. I answered it and this was our conversation:

Hey how do I ask this guy in spanish if he wants me to move?
How do I ask this guy in Spanish if he wants me to move?
Where are you moving to? You don't speak spanish.
Are you still asleep?
No I am awake, sort of, just laying here I think
I need to ask this guy if I am in his way.
In his way? Just walk around him and come upstairs, my front door is open. (I thought he was telling me he was downstairs and wanted to come up to visit with me, but some of our neighbors were in his way)
I am at work Jen, there is a guy here who is working too, but I don't know if I am in his way. Maybe he needs me to move.
Oh ok (the light slowly coming on in my head). You are at work, you want to know if you should move.
Yeah. I got you on speaker, so just ask him really quick. (away from the phone - Hey Amigo - telefono)
Whoa Whoa Whoa - take me off speaker, hand him the phone. Tell me though - move what?
So I did my asking, and told my brother he was fine where he was.
Ok. thanks Jen, love ya bye.

It is always nice when my brothers think of me in their day to day life. Can yoy imagie the guy who I asked, what was going through his mind as my brothre stood beside him and was having this convresation with me, then yelled at me, then just handed him the phone, possibly not knowing what was going on? I am sure we were talked about that day.

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