Thursday, October 5, 2006

Update on Life and Lale vs the crickets

Well I have a moment while Jolani is down sleeping. Hopefully she will stay asleep. She is dong better, but still not 100%. She went in for her 2 month check up last Friday and she got her shots. Well they also gave her an oral vacine for the rotovirus, which can put little ones in the hospital. I know, I spent 4 days there with Johan earlier this year when he was so so sick. Even with IV's it took them 3 days to get him hydrated enough to where he was wetting his diaper like he usually does. And for those who know, when you get an IV, you pee like there is no tomorrow. It wasn't until the 4th day - they day they sent us home - that he finally got to where he was peeing out of his diapers in 2 hours. So anyway, with the rotovirus vacine, they give it orally, and it includes 5 different types of live rotovirus things. And of course she got sick. She just didn't feel well, wanting to be held 24/7 not sleeping at night unless she was being held, diarrhea (why is that word so hard to spell??) and she has just been miserable. However, she is on the mend now. Sleeping more - without me, smiling again and just ebing more sociable. We just need to get the diarrhea to clear up and we will be great!! Now, onto a crazy mish mash of thoughts for today...

They sure look good in glossy magazine ads, but luxury products hold no key to your contentedness today. Cars, jewelry and designer clothes are nothing more than empty material goods. If you're planning a shopping trip, try not to get hypnotized by the bling you encounter. It's time to be more particular about what you use your plastic on. Frivolous things won't bring the joy they once did, and they always cost more than they are worth, at least in terms of the value they bring your life.

Isn't that the truth? And it is funny that I have not been buying as much stuff as before. Partly because there is no moolah, but also because we ahve enough stuff in here. Actually, more than enough stuff. Plus, I was talking with my SIL about Honduras, and our plans for a restaurant, and how it isn't going to happen. At least on my part. With my foot the way it is, just being on it for a bit during the day, it swells up like crazy. So there is no way I am going to be able to do that. And she has varicose veins so bad, by the time we get there, and get out restaurant set up, she isn't going to want to be there on her feet all day either. So we were discussing buying more land - but together - and building a cuartaria - which is basically a row of mini apartments/effeciency type of places. Like a motel almost, with a line of rooms, but each place has two rooms a kitchen and living room. (yes a bathroom too) and they rent it by the month. Well it just so happens that her cousin had just called her the day before about some apartments in La Ceiba that were for sale, in front of the University. It is being sold for $500,000 Limperas ($25139.00 USD) and they would take payments (rare for there). Well that would only be approx $13000 USD for each of us to come up with, and in payments that can be done. If we make $1000 payments each month, for a year, plus add what we make out of rent, it will be paid quickly. Then once that is paid off, buy some land and build the cuarterias. That makes me more tranqul because I was worried about being able to make money there to live when I wont be able to stay on my feet for long. Also, where we are building our house (the 2nd one - the one we are giong to be saying at) they are in the process of building a mall, so I am going to be able to have my place where I have good condition 2nd hand clothes (or ones that I can find cheaply here i.e. the $1 shorts I found the other day at walmart) and I also will be able to sell snow cones, taquitos, cotton candy and just little things like that from home too. (we would build the bottom level of the house for business, or a portion of it anyway, and the top level for living quarters. So that makes me excited. (plus it is almost tax season - whoo hoo, I make good money from January to April, what some people make in a year, but it sucks because the rest of the year I feel like I make nothing, and that I am not contributing financially to the household. But this money goes towards our goal of moving to Honduras in 2008. This year I am also going to be selling pupusas, (mmmm pupusas) and sodas out of the house to the people who come by for taxes, so that should be pretty good extra cash as well. I just wish it would hury up and get here, LOL. (once it starts, you will here me saying, GOD I wish it would end and these idiots would just go away, LOL - although there will be tons of stories about them, I promise)

Lale 1 - crickets 0

It is that time of year again. Invasion of the crickets. That means different things to the different people in the household.

For Andre it means it is time to run and hide from those crazy jumping animals, because God forbid they jump on him. For Jordan, it means finding shoes to kill the crickets that Andre just ran from. For Mickey and Isa it means followig their sounds, trying to find them to show Andre, and laugh at him scream and run away. For Johan it means finding them either dead or alive and trying to eat them before someone grabs them away from him. For Jolani, it means nothing, LOL For me, it means time to laugh at my sons crazy phobia (laughing to myself) of all things bug related, and laughing - outloud this time - at my husband as he and the crickets engage in a battle of outsmart outwit outlast. For the past two nights, there was a cricket in the bathroom. Now this cricket will sit there and sing nonstop all night long. Some crickets they can play a couple of different notes, and tones or whatever. Not this cricket. All this cricket can do is chirp.....(he is just warming up now) chirp.... chirp...(now he is getting going) chirp..chirp.(here he goes)


all the same note, with no varience at all. I made a comment about it, and Lale said, oh no, it doesn't bother him, in Honduras you hear a chorus of them all night long. No biggie for me, I can sleep through the stupid cricket. Well last night, Lale decides he is going to find that cricket and let him know how much he appreciates the seranade. Well I thought the cricket was either on the wall or in the wall behind the sink, going by the sound. Well we would be in bed, and he would start chirping, and so Lale would get up and "sneak" into the bathroom to try to find it. And the cricket would shut up. Back to bed he would come, and the chirping would once again start up. ack to the bathroom and so on and so forth, until after about 15 minutes of this, Lale decides he is going to hang out in the bathroom and wait for him. After about 30 seconds of waiting, he gets tired of waiting (patience is not a virtue he has) and starts hollaring at this cricket to come out and show himself. I am in the bed giggling to myself. The cricket then chirps three times, as if to say come and find me buddy. So he starts looking. He hears him, and now the man is trying to take the sink off the wall (why?? I don't know) all the while cussing at this cricket in spanish, and throwing in his own chirping, and some english as well for good measure. (hearing him in the bathroom, his voice echoing off the bottom of the sink "pinche saltamonte te voy a encontrar chirp chirp chirp, yeah me entiendes now buddy chirp chirp dontcha") I was dying it was so funny. It is times like these I wish I had the camcorder battery charged always. He spent almost an hour in the bathroom trying to find the cricket, and he finally did find it. It had been in the sink, and crawled into the hole for when you put to much water in the sink, so my husband got big cup of hot water, and poured it in the hole and we have been chirp free ever sense. I am almost praying we get some more hiding crickets in there, just so that I get another show.

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