Friday, October 20, 2006

The Day My Life Changed - And For The Better

October 20, 2001.
That is the day that my life changed. And for the better. In september of 2001, I was at a point with my life where the last thing that I wanted in my life, was the thing that I needed most. That was when I started a new job, and met my now husband.

At that point I was still sort of involved with my 1st husband, I wanted to end things, but I was really scared to do it. My biggest fear in life was to be alone. And that what was stopping me from getting rid of a relationship that was holding me back.

In the month that I worked at the new place, I got to know Lale, and I thought to myself that he had such a nice smile, and beautiful expressive eyes that always seemed to be smiling. One day we were in the kitchen of my work, and we were talking about stuff in general, and I asked him out. That for me was something that I never did. I think that was the first and only time that I ever asked anyone out. And that following Saturday we went out. That Saturday was October 20, 2001. From that day on, we have been together, and even though we have had some issues that possibly could have broken us up, it has made us stronger. I thank God everyday that my mother went into that place and talked to one of the managers about me, and if they had any openings for any position that was flexible since I was a single mother of two. If it wasn't for her, I never would have known of that place, much less gone to fill out an application, and work there and meet my now husband. He has shown me that I do deserve good things in my life. That I do deserve to be loved. He has shown me that it is possible to have both a best friend, as well as passion all together in the same person. Before him, I never knew it was possible.

Today is our 5 anniversary from the first time we went out, and in 19 days we will be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary. And for me, each day is an adventure that I look forward to experiencing with him. And as much as we bicker, I wouldn't change a thing about him.

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