Friday, January 30, 2009

Can you spot the differences?

Here is a picture of me last year before I left.

Here is a picture of me a couple of days after I got back.

Can you tell what is different?


I have eyebrows. All my life my eyebrows have been non-existent. Well not really, they were just very blond, so it looked likeI had no eyebrows. It used to be the joke when I was growing up, one of my brothers would hit me (lightly - playing) and my mom would fuss at them saying that they hit me so hard that they knocked my eyebrows off, LOL.

Well one day Lale asked me if I was wearing make up and did I color in my eyebrows. Nope sure didn't. Somehow in Honduras, my eyebrows got dark.

Amazing what a little time south of the border can do for ya.


Andrea said...

I have the same eyebrow problem! It gets really bad in the summer because the sun makes them even lighter... good to know I just might have one more thing to look forward to once I get down to Honduras for a more permanent stay! :)

Karen said...

Who knew?! I wonder what else some time south of the border will do for a person.

Crystal said...

Hi there.
I have just found your blog as of recent. I love it! You are such a wonderful momma and I love reading your updates.

I have given you a blog award(s) that is posted on my blog. Please accept it in new friendship.

Best Wishes~

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Too funny!!!!

Laurie said...

That's too funny! I spent 2 months in Tegu a few years ago, and my hair got inexplicably blonder. I am naturally dark brown. Maybe it was the shower water???? Good luck with the eyebrows.

Heather said...

What? thats crazy, but awesome, lol!


erin said...

You look great, Jennifer! I love your blog and was missing your post!


Erin (viviendomissuenos) from LatinoFamily Boards back in the day :)

Honduras Sprout said...

Isn't that funny. My hair got curly/wavy when I had babies and darker. The strangest I've seen is when my sister's eyes changed from cat green - I mean totally green - to blue when she was about 25.
Ya look good!