Monday, June 14, 2010

More Additions...

To the house that is, not to the family, LOL. I took care of that after Ari, remember? (speaking of Ari, last week she started walking on her own - real steps. Before that she prefered to push the little plastic coffee table because she could literally run after the bigger kids, and almost keep up. Where as her half inch steps she was taking wasnt helping her at all. But I have been told that she is now walking everywhere. I love it, but its sad too, because she is the baby, the last one, and I am missing her milestones. But its ok)

Anyways, last year we started to add on to the house. Before we did anything, when you walked into the house, you walked into a combination living room/dining room. The only problem is that because we are such a big family, we need a big table. Which means we need space for a big table, and in our living room, there just inst enough room for a table that can seat 12, and sofas for all of us too. So we came up with the plan to enclose the front porch and semi knock out the front wall to make the front porch the licing room, then the now living room would become the dining room. After much discussion, we decided to not just eclose the porch, but extend it all the way across the front of the house to make a living room that is BIG enough for ALL of us, and we wouldnt feel packed on top of eachother. And there would be space for an 'office' for me. Which would consist of a desk and some storage of some sort, LOL.

I posted some pictures in January of what we had started, and it sat like that for a while. Then in early March, I decided that I wanted my living room done - completed - by my birthday, which was April 25th. So my husband went to work, with the promise that it would be done by my birthday.

Place the mouse over the picture for my comments. I didnt get to take more pictures as they did more work, but Miss Patty came for dinner on my birthday and she can vouch for the fact that it was not done, LOL. I knew it wouldnt be, but I held out some hope that maybe I would be suprised.

The walls are basically done, although they need to have the two different cement coats on them, and the two windows need actual windows put in them. The half wall needs to be knocked down, and the half of the addition with no floor needs the floor to be done. Other than that its pretty much done. Oh wait - the roof. Thats the hold up. We cant agree on how/what to do with the roof. I just want him to put one on that goes with the rest of the house. Lale however has this idea about putting a small porch on top of the addition part of the living room, with a wooden floor and railing. Um, I can't see it. What I am seeing in my head when he describes it looks stupid. But I dont tell him that because 1) it isnt nice, and my mom and grandmother always told me if I dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all (which is something I really need to work on I think) and 2) sometimes its just the whole lost in translation thing, and maybe it will look ok. So I just say ok honey, do what you think would look good, and just leave the paint color choosing, and decorating and everything else to me. The promise was made that it would be COMPLETE before I got back, but well, I somehow dont think it will be done. A couple of days before I left he started two sinks. One in each bathroom. We have regular sinks on the wall, but because we have little kids, they pull on the sinks while washing their hands, etc. etc. and end up pulling the sinks off the wall, breaking the sinks, and doing all sorts of things to the poor sinks. So we took them off the way, and he has made a cement/block mini pila style sink in each bathroom. When I left neither one was finished either. From what I have heard he finished one of them, and it has been halfway tiled. But I dont have actual proof of that, LOL.

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La Gringa said...

Jen, I've seen many houses that have that flat roof/terraza thing and it's not bad. Sometimes you can get a great view. I kind of wish we had done that since you can see the ocean from our roof.

You never know, it could also be a good place to add on again, if you ever need to.

BTW, the photos wouldn't load for me.