Monday, July 17, 2006

Missing Andre... Just a little bit

My baby - no wait, my oldest baby - is gone for 3 weeks. He is in the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth program. He is so smart, and if I can keep him interested in learning, he will go so far in his life. He is going into 6th grade this year and in most of his classes is he at least on a 10th grade level. The only exception being English. His written work is horrible. To get him to write what he thinks, to write what comes out of his mouth, is like pulling a crocodiles teeth. All the teachers and what not have told me that this is normal because his brain goes to fast for his hand to keep up.
Anyway, we dropped him off Sunday and left at 1:15ish PM. It is now 11:15Am and I have talked to him no less than 5 times. He is so happy and having so much fun, it makes my happy. He spends more time than a little bit in trouble for one thing or another - the sad thing being it usually stems from his brains i.e. lets make a hole in my closet wall to see what they wall is made of, and we can use the hole as a security measure to see who is coming down the hall - but when I can find something to challenge him, and make him happy, it fills my heart with happiness for him.
11:50AM I just got a call from Washington College where Andre is. Sheesh, not even 24 hours and already they are calling me. It seems that my son has already had issues. They were walking around the campus as a group and he saw something that caught his eye, so he walked off from the group for a minute, and about gave the RA a heart attack. He thought that his room smelled funny, so he sprayed a can of tag deodorant (an entire can that he bought) into the air conditioner, so now the room has an interesting smell. He has started his own business of buying peoples snacks from them, and something about selling peoples snacks as well. Didn't get the whole story on this, but I can only imagine. He also got up in the middle of the night and went through his roommates snacks and ate a bunch of it. When asked about it his reply was - when I woke up in the middle of the night and reached for my sour cream and onion chips imagine my suprise when they weren't there, but instead there was cheetos. I felt this must be fate so I ate them.
6:00PM I just got off the phone with Andre, and he has lost his wallet with his $50 spending money, his calling card and his laundry cards. He has no way to wash clothes, and no money to buy more laundry cards, but at least he can't call me at 7:00AM to wake me up again, like he did this morning. (Oh you aren't awake yet? I didn't even know how early it was Mom.) I am going to call my brother who is about 15 mintues away from him to see if he can drop off $6 so that the boy can at least wash his clothes. When asked about the Tag incident and the interesting smell to his room, he replied that his room smelled great, and was the best smelling room there. I bet. When I asked him about eating his roomates snacks, he swears to me that someone went into their dorms while they weren't there and put a bunch of his roomates snacks into his bed, hiding it in all sorts of places. Yeah right.
I am on countdown time for this baby. 1 week until hospital day, 8 days till baby. I am so tired of being pregnant it isn't even funny. Basically I have been pregnant since May 2002, and I am ready for a break.
With all of the things that have happened with this pregnancy, I can't wait to hold her and love on her. I had a dream that she had black curly hair and green eyes (she was about 5 yrs old in my dream). I can't wait to see if that is true or not. Am I really lucky enough that one of MY children finally managed to be born with curly hair. I have always wanted to have kids with curly hair, and my kids fathers all have had curly curly hair, and everyones hair is straight like mine - except Andre, and his isn't curly, it is more like broken curls - right angles not curls. Mostly though I want to meet here, count her fingers and toes and make sure that despite all of the complications that I had to deal with during this pregnancy, she is healthy and ok.

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