Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Worls is Run by 10 yr olds

38w 5d
5 days left

UUHHG I feel like crap today. It started Tuesday night. I went to bed coughing up a bunch of gunk, and choking on it half the night, not getting to much sleep. That on top of my foot pain, made for a miserable day. I spent most of the day curled up in the bed dozing. My mom was so sweet though, she told met that she had a z-pack at home that she would send me with my brother. However what she thought was zythromyacin turned out to be a Ketek Pack, which pregnant women can't take. After debating with myself, I finally decided to call the OBGYN office to have them call me in something safe.

So this morning I called what my grandmother calls the Mickey Mouse Doctors. (You would think that John Hopkins Hospital would be an awesome hospital to deal with, being world renowned and one of the best hospitals around. Yet because they are a teaching hospital, they suck in alot of ways.)

Anyway, I call the only number they give you, which is like an answering service number and when the lady picks up we have the following conversation : (I am in green, she is in blue)

I need to leave a message for the high risk OBGYN's office.
They aren't in until tomorrow.
Is there anyone on call??
Oh!! (full of suprise at that question) I don't know. Hold on.
(what the hell - what do you mean you don't know???)

So she comes back, and asks me my problem. I explain to her that I went to my PCP the other day (the truth) and that I have a Ketek Pack here to take for my bronchitis, and that it isn't safe for pregnant women, and I need someone to call in something safe for me to take. (also the truth, I just didn't elaborate and mention that it was from my mom). She asks me for my information to pull me up in the computer and then asks

Are you pregnant. (Um, duh, if i wasn't why would I be calling you?!?!)
Yeah, 38w 5d.
I see you have an appointment tomorrow morning.
Yes, but I need my meds ASAP so that I can be ready and well for my induction on Tuesday.
Oh, are you a patient?

(No, I just make appointments at the High Risk OB office for the hell of it - I mean this is John Hopkins, get your act together. - I feel bad for the people who travel from other countries to be helped out here. Can you imagine how confident they must feel to let these doctors work on loved ones.)

So she tells me she will have the nurse call me back. Oh Joy. I wonder if it will be Kendal, the wonderful nurse that I had to deal with 2 weeks ago. Two hours later the phone rings, and who should it be? Nurse Kendal. The nurse with attitude issues. You would think in dealing with high risk pregnant women, this lady would have a better attitude, but no. She yelled at me because after a long explanation of what I wanted and needed and so forth, she finally said she would call in the meds for me, just to give her an hour or so. I said thank you, then had the audacity to ask her if anyone would be calling me back to let me know that the Rx had been called in. She told me I could call the pharmacy myself to find out when it would be ready. What did I think, that she was not going to call it in? Seeing as how all my other doctors call the patient back to say yes it has been sent, I didn't think it was that outrageous of a question. Guess I was wrong. That was at 11:30 AM

Come 1:45 PM I called CVS and told them that my doctor was supposed to call in a z-pack for me, and did they have it yet. The lady who answered the phone said no. So I waited a little bit longer, and called back at 2:30PM. A different person answered the phone this time, and I again asked if my prescription was there. Nope, not yet. So I hung up, called Nurse Kendal back, and was told that she faxed it, and that she would fax it again. When she said she faxed it, it got me thinking that I wasn't super specific when I called CVS, and maybe I need to talk to them like I talk to Andre - explain what I want, but in very specific terms. So I called them back, and the 2nd lady answered the phone. I said that I just called to see if my prescription was there, and could they please check again because my DR said that it was faxed over. So she puts me on hold, and comes back. Low and behold on their fax log they have my prescription as being faxed in almost 2 and a half hours ago. I guess asking if my prescription in there means something different - or maybe it is to hard to check the fax log UNLESS you ask them speficically to do that.

Andre Update:
I talked to Andre last night, and he told me that there is a dance coming up soon, and he already has a date. her name is Bonny, and he thinks she is from New Jersey. He heard that she was going to ask him, so he asked her first.

Oh yeah, and he wants some bottled water. Could I please mail him a 24 pack of bottled water. He said the water there tastes to much like dead ants. How he knows what dead ants taste like is beyond me. Can I tell you, unless he can convince his Uncle Dickie - who lives about 15 minutes away - to bring him some water or if he uses his $8 to buy some, he is not getting any bottled water. It costs way to much to mail the water out by mail, and he is to far away to just bring it to him. He is just going to have to keep drinking dead ant water.

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