Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Random Thoughts

Things I hate:

  • people who talk r e a l s l o w
  • phone calls while I am sleeping
  • Houseguests from hell (I have one now - the countdown is on for him to leave too! 13 days left woo hoo!!)
  • the price per minute of a phone call to Honduras
  • Stupidity
  • Racism
  • Certain immigration issues
  • small washers and dryers
  • gas prices

Things I love:

  • Lale, my husband
  • My children, his children, our children
  • reading books
  • learning new things
  • getting flowers and gifts unexpectedly
  • taking naps with Mickey
  • people watching
  • stupid people (and watching and listening to what they are doing)
  • margaritas - Jose Cuervo
  • online friends

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