Sunday, February 24, 2008

Woo Hoo We have a winner.

Ok, I can't tell time. It is now 9:45ishPM, and I said that I would post around 12:01 or so. But I have an excuse. Really I do. Wanna hear what it is? Well I'm telling you anyway. Andre, Jordan, Mickey, Isa, Johan, Lana and Levi.

Anyway, on my contest post, even though there are only 13 comments listed, really there are 14. Blogger wouldn't let one person get back on to leave another comment with the link to her blog where she posted a link to here.

Anyway, on to the winner....
According to, I put in the numbers 1-14, and asked for a random number, and the number that it gave me was 12. So the winner is Jennie B! Congratulations Jennie, you have won a coin purse. I need your information, so if you could kindly send me an email - my email addy is listed on my profile page, we can set up you getting your gift.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments. Because of your comments, and posting of the contest on your blogs, another $16.00 will be donated to Basura Bags as well.

Onto what I would do if I had 1 million dollars to donate.
A long time ago, I came across a website called Casa De Angeles - House of Angels. And when I visited that site, it touched my heart, and I cried. I had a strong - feeling I guess is the word? - that I was supposed to do something along those lines. I still feel that way. Everytime I click on that site. So if I had a million dollars, I would use alot of it to open up something along the same lines in Honduras. Something that would make a difference. I am a strong believer that even making a difference in one persons life can snowball into alot of people. A pass it on so to speak. I am also a firm believer in education being able to make a difference in someones life as well. It can be a great equalizer. And knowing the education system in Honduras, having something like Casa De Angeles - where education is included - could make a major difference in peoples lives.

If I had extra, I would donate the rest to Casa De Angeles. They do such good work, and make a major difference in many lives.


Andrea said...

Oh Drats!! I was so hoping to win!! I even commented twice!! Man!! Congrats Jennie B!!!

Jennie B said...

I feel so lucky. At least one good thing came from my week. :) I wish we all had a million though so we could all help our charities.

Amie Vaughan said...

Boo! Favouritism! Nepotism! Fascism! Racism! What other -isms can I think of.... No, just kidding. It bugs me that my sister won, though... must be my sibling rivalry kicking in. =) Congrats, sister. :P

Damama T said...

I went and checked out that site. It does look like a wonderful thing. I'd never heard of it, so thanks for giving us one more opportunity to make a difference.


Damama T said...

oops! Didn't check the email me with updates box! Doing that now. Wouldn't want to miss anything! ttfn

Honduras Sprout said...

I didn't get a chance to comment on the million $ question. It would be hard to answer!

I wanted to mention that there are quite a few places (orphanages) in Honduras that are meant to help children here. One that comes to mind is Our Little Roses.
Our Little Roses

Did that link work? I can't figure out how to do that. Otherwise copy and paste:

I also go to church with a lot of missionaries who are focused on the children and work in/for orphanages or other medical missions in more rural areas. There is a couple at the church who's mission is to work with other local churches organizing and setting up after school programs for children to go to rather than only have the street to turn to. Homework help, games, activities, etc.

There is another place here in the surrounding San Pedro Sula area that I heard about. It's called Casa Blanca I think. It is for children that have the condition of big heads because their mothers didn't get enough folic acid during pregnancy and it causes spinal fluid to drain into their heads. (I'm drawing a blank on the medical name) You can imagine that most with the condition are abandoned because the mothers cannot care for them. So the house was set up to take care of these precious little ones. But they don't have enough "real" help to take care of them so they are left in the care of homeless teenage girls in exchange for a place to sleep and food. They ask for volunteers to come in and spend time with the children who eat up any kind of attention. The teenagers too also like to have visitors and ask for things they might want or need. My friend who went to volunteer said when she went one of the teenagers asked if she could bring her a lipstick. Such a teenager to ask for something like that. Ha!

I totally love the Basura bags too. I've seen them sold in Copan Ruinas as well as other homemade things made by local children. Cards, notebooks, etc.

Great contest!