Friday, March 7, 2008

The week in review - and then some

Seen and heard around my way this past week.

I decided that it was time I had a heart to heart with Jordan about sex. She is 10 now, and I dont know, it just seemed right. Our conversation went something like this.

  • Jordan, we need to have a conversation about sex.
  • Um, OK mom.
  • Don't do it.
    ...long pause...
  • MOM, you are so weird.

Ok, there was a bit more to it, about what my thoughts were on premarital sex and diseases and what not. But then she got all confused and wanted to know how the act of getting married stopped you from getting diseases. I told her, one would hope that the husband would be disease free coming into the relationship, and the two of them would be faithful, and that *should* keep you disease free. Then she asked if that meant people who got cancer werent being faithful. I looked at her and told her to call Nana.

Monday I started cloth diapering the kids. Well ok Lana. I still need to get some other stuff so that I have the appropriate amount of diapers and covers so that I can cloth diaper everyone that is in diapers. I am cloth diapering because I refuse to pay L700 (approx $37USD) for a case of diapers that costs me $18 here. Plus we go through 3 cases or so a month. Sorry, not happening.



Finally KFC is opened again. Sometime early February it caught on fire. It isnt funny, but I had to laugh. Not even 6 months ago they basically tore the restaurant down to its frame and re-did the ENTIRE place. Then someone was outside smoking and caught the place on fire. I realized how much I miss leaving the house during the day and dealing with stupid people. And how much I enjoy it. And I am being serious. Being at home with 7 children 24/7, one just can't wait to go to work. Yes the adults I work with are petty and bicker just like my kids do. Yes they will argue over stupid stuff, and will talk about eachother behind their backs and it does remind me of high school. Wait, thats to good. It does remind me of middle school. And while my middle school years sucked, I enjoy watching adults act like spoiled brats. I also enjoy making fun of my co-workers (in my head) because I really dont understand how they made it to adulthood and still be so stupid. And even more so, how did they make it into management. A lady came by and bought some food and was charged $4.39. She paid with a $5 bill. She came back and for some reason wanted her money back, and the mgr told her that in order for him to return her $4.39 she would have to return the $.61 change that he gave her when she paid. Because otherwise his drawer would be short, and there was no way he was going to give her back extra money. The sad thing was, everyone else working in the store agreed with him. Only the lady and I understood that him giving her the $4.39 that her order cost would leave his money just fine.

Yesterday I almost was down to 6 children. Lana made a break for it, and made it out the house without anyone knowing. The sad (and scary) thing was, no one even noticed. Jordan came home from school and forgot to shut the front (heavy) door, and while everyone was elsewhere, Lana decided she was going to go right out the screen door. It wasn't until a couple of minutes later when a lady came and knocked on our door and asked us if we were short a child did we realize she was even gone. Man, thats a scary thought. And from the looks that Lana was giving the lady who carried her to the door, I am sure Lana was thinking, Man, thanks alot lady. I was almost free. Another 20 steps, I would would have escaped this place and would have been free from this crazy house.

Johan FINALLY had his PT apppointment me today. The one that wa ssupposed to be done 1 week after surgery. It took this long to get the insurance issue (the issue is that John Hopkins is stupid) taken care of, and getting him an appointment. So his 1 week appointment turned into an almost 4 weeks after the surgery appointment. When they took off his bandage, I was highly upset. At his 1 week check-up they took off his cast thing, and checked out his hand, and then the nurse re-wrapped it. I asked her why she wasn't putting the cotton stuff down like it was before, and she said that it was fine, the rolled gauze was soft, and the cotton roll wasn't needed. So today when we got to his PT appointment where they had to make him a special splint thing, I took off his ace bandage and was getting ready to unwrap the gauze when I saw his arm. The gauze had pressed into his arm and in many places had cut his arm. In a bunch of spots he had blisters from where his skin was pushed through the gauze. I took pictures and will be talking to the doctor on Tuesday when we go to have the pin taken out of his hand. Seriously, if he was in this cast for another week or two, the guaze would have been embedded into his little arm. There was already spots where it was under a scab. So if the scab had healed before we took off the cast, then it would have been embedded with out a doubt.

You see the yellowish line? That is the line of blisters

And just because it makes me laugh...

Johan dancing


Andrea said...

What a week!! I can't believe that nurse and poor Johan! What a tuff little man! I can't believe that his poor arm was hurting him like that!! I hope that nurse gets fired!! Good think you took it off!!
How are the cloth diapers? Are they a pain? Are they hard to get clean? I can't believe paying 37 bucks for diapers!!
It's good to hear from you!! Your kids are just too cute!!

Karen said...

The Talk. I think it's worse for parents than for the kids. Kudos.

Poor little Johan! What a trooper. He seriously needs to get fixed up once and for all.

Jennie B said...

Poor Johan, Poor Lana, Poor Jordan (although those were some very good questions) and Yeah for you and your job people watching! :)

Heather said...

Whew, ok i feel all caught up now, thanks! being out of town, i felt out of the loop.

congrats on the cloth. let me know how it goes. we had thais potty trained because they didnt have pulls up in brasil. it was nice but short lived, lol!

i cant believe it took 4 wks to get johan an appt, and im glad you took photos. someone will be getting an ear full and if we had money a law suit, too!

Love the sex talk. funny how they always ask questions to things that we didnt think of.

im still working on a plan to come see you before you leave! Ill keep you posted!


Honduras Sprout said...

I took the opportunity to have the talk with my daughter when I got pregnant. Then drove it home when she attended the birth of her brother. I'm so mean.

Seriously though...the talk just isn't a one time thing - huh? You have to keep talking about it. Ugh!

Good luck on those cloth diapers. Not an easy task. Hopefully that will be short lived for the older ones.

Good to hear all the updates.

Amie Vaughan said...

Funny enough, my local KFC in Tennessee burned down in the middle of the night, two, maybe three years ago. I wonder if KFC was running an insurance scam on their restaurants? LOL! At least you can enjoy the idiocy... it drives me nuts!

Glad the kids are doing pretty well, and better now for Johan. Sheesh! What a trooper. And Lana's bum sure is cute in those flowers, lol! AND I'm very glad I'm not being unfaithful... I don't want cancer. =D

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Oh yes about the diaper cot here!!!! it sucks! its almost 800Lps.
Scary about Lana´s escape!!
OMG about Johan arm, that is unbelivable, URGHHH, thank God it did not get worst!

Damama T said...

You are one busy lady. That KFC thing is just goofy. I love the videos of the kids - they are too adorable!

I'm so glad you too pics of that baby's arm. That doctor owes you some serious discounts or something. Plus, I'd want to actually see the written reprimand of the nurse or I'd turn the whole place in to the medical board and have their office reviewed. EGAD! Makes me fightin' mad!