Monday, March 17, 2008

People Watching on the Highways

Its amazing talking to my husband after 2 weeks of not being able to can lift my mood so much, and can put a smile on my face.

The joys of working. I work all day, come home cook dinner, get the kids in bed and then sit down and veg for the rest of the night. On my days off, I don't want to move. So if you have been missing me, well thats why. I haven't been coherent enough to write one single sentence. Since I went back to work, my normally otherwise healthy chlidren though have gotten sick. Out of the 7 kids, 5 of them are sick. Which is why I can actually write a coherent sentence. I haven't been to work since Friday.

I woke up with a migraine this morning and had to take my medicine. While my usual medicine is a narcotic, it doesn't have codeine in it. But when I got it refilled, CVS messed up the prescription not once, but twice. The second time I called they told me it was the same medicine, only with added codeine in it. I was going to return it, but I had got it filled at a CVS 30 minutes away, I had no gas at the time, and I had a migraine, so I said forget it. I can deal with the codeine. Today was the first time I took it. It must be the codeine that made me lose my mind when I decided to take all 7 kids to the library this afternoon. And told them each that they could take home 10 books. Great. 60 books PLUS my own stash that I have to keep track of. I snuck in a book about puberty and what not into Jordan's pile. The best thing about it was in one section they talk about and show drawings of what happens to the male and female genitalia. Andre was bothering her about something so she held up the page with the drawing of the penis and chased him around the house as he ran screaming "I dont want to see your penis". *sigh* The threat that I would blog about it had them both shutting up and going to bed with no more noise.

Last week Johan had the pin taken out of his finger and he did so good. No crying or anything. He just watched. I was so proud of him. On the way back home though I did a little bit of people watching on 695 and boy was it filled with weirdos.

There was the guy in the white Ford Freestyle with PA tags on it that had a drumstick (for drums, not like a KFC drumstick) in his hands and he was directing the orchestra, or whatever he was listening to on the radio. Um if it is on your radio, they were already directed, and dont need you to do it again. You need to keep your hands on the wheel so you are not all over 695. Thats why we have 6+ car pile ups on the road.

To the green Ford Contour, the speed limit on 95 is 65, not 45. The average speed is 75+, so if you value your life, do not pull into traffic from an exit going below 45, only to reach your maximum of 45. If you cannot or are afraid to go faster, take route 1 or a different route. Please. For your safety, and mine.

To the state police officer who didnt pull me over for going 75 in a 55 MPH zone, thank you. Its been 12 years since I got a ticket, and I like it that way. Although seeing how fast you flew by me, you probably didn't see me. What were you doing 110?

To whoever put the sign up on 70, near the 695 exit, thank you. I always enjoy seeing that I am 1700 miles away from Denver, and 2200 miles away from Cove Fort. I know how important it is to let everyone know how far away those places are. I dont know where Cove Fort is, but its nice to know that it is 2200 miles away, just in case I get the urge to go for a long drive. Maybe when I decide to run away form home, I can go to Cove Fort. My son would like to know why is it that Cove Fort made it onto the sign and not some other place. So if you know can you please tell him, because I am tired of hearing him ask me about it.

To the Black Kia Sedona who was riding my bumper on 29 while I was going 70 (yes in a 55 MPH zone - My name is Jennifer, and I speed) thank you for finally passing me, and then getting pulled over 2 miles down the road. I appreciate you getting my ticket and keeping my insurance rates down so low.


Karen said...

Ah, people watching on the highway. Always entertaining as long as you're not the one getting the ticket.

Hope the kids feel better, and yeah for Johan being a big boy!

60 books. Yikes. The thought scares me because we frequently lose library books. But I love the penis. :)

Amie Vaughan said...

Ahhh... the things I don't miss about having a car, ha!

Get well soon, all of you! =)

Heather said...

You didnt see me on the freeway waving at you this weekend? dang.... maybe next time, lol!

Jennie B said...

i can't believe you don't know that Cove Fort is a historic town in Utah about 20 miles north of Beaver.

Here is an excerp for Andre:

" The fort was built to offer protection and refreshment to the traveler. Beginning in 1847, pioneers began settling the high mountain valleys stretching from Idaho to California. They came here to worship in peace and to build homes and communities. The fort is made of lava rock, which workers hauled from west of the property. The fort is 100 square feet, 18.5 feet tall, 4 feet thick at the footings and 2.5 feet thick at the top."

go Latter Day Saints for building this fort!

I think i would rather go to Denver myself. :)

Honduras Sprout said...

That was a little training for driving in Honduras. Oh those horse and carts go so dang slow...what are they thinking getting on the highway?

Here is a common scenario in SPS - the car in front of you is going to turn one block ahead and his breaks must be out because he probably threw it into neutral or a low gear to make that turn since he's now moving about 15 mph. It's night time too and he doesn't have any break lights. He knows he's going slow so hangs his hand out the window and waves you to go past him, the considerate person that he is driving with no breaks, turn signals or tail lights.

I like the book threat. ha ha ha

Damama T said...

Dear CVS, please continue to screw up Jennifer's meds (but not in a bad way). Codeine is apparently a sense of humor stimulator. You should really think about doing research in that area. But do not think about it while driving down 695 or we will hear about it and sick the drumstick guy on you!

ps. please put depends on sale soon so I have an adequate stock on hand for the next time I come over here to catch up. Sincerely, ROFLtheDamamaBO

Jen - So glad to hear that the baby's pin removal went so well. Hope his hand is healing well and will be up to full functionality soon. xoxoxo