Sunday, March 30, 2008

Is someone trying to tell me something... and if so, what?

First, I need to say to Kelly - I got the tag, I will work on it this week and will have it up before the end of the week.

Also, Johan turned 3 this past Friday and got the cutest birthday present, but my camera is in the shop, so I want to post about it, but I am going to have to wait until my camera comes back, or until I can snag Andre's or Jordan's camera when they arent looking.

When I am checking one of my email accounts, I always love to check out my SPAM folder. It is always full of interesting things, and I wonder why certain things are sent to me.

Things that I have gotten in my spam folder today, Sunday, March 30, 2008 between the hours of 4:00 PM and 10:05PM

  • I can get any vehicle I choose, no matter what my payment history is. Ok, I think I would like to get my dream truck then. My ford F350 crew cab dually. With a sound system in it too. Yum.
  • I too can be an EBAY millionaire. Well I will need that money to put gas in my 350.
  • I have an offer to get free business cards - 3 different times. Maybe I need the business cards to get my EBAY stuff out there?
  • 2 more any vehicles I want no matter what my payment history is. I have my F350, so I guess I will take a Toyota Tundra
    and a Mitsubisha Montero Sport
    for my other two. (im sorry, did you just call me a redneck? Well thank you, I do seem to have redneck tendencies with my trucks)
  • Blockbuster really really really wants me to use them to get movies (unlimited!) online with a free 2 week trial. No thanks, I am already online more than enough.
  • I can view sexy black singles, I can flirt with sexy singles, flirt with more sexy singles, and Melissa is inviting me to check out her pictures. Well seeing as how I am married, I don't really need to flirt with or view anyone - single, married, ugly or sexy.
  • I have been selected as a Mystery shopper for the month of March (um, that ends tomorrow) AND for the month of April. Wow how did I get so lucky? I wonder if KFC will let me take off to do this. I hope it is Mystery Shopping for some new glasses at a high price store. I need some new glasses. I want some red ones, or some different funky ones.
  • POLICE OFFICERS ARE NEEDED IN MY AREA. Hmmm, does that mean the crime level is going up? Its a good thing I am moving then.
  • Financial Aid for any education program that I am looking for. Do they have financial aid for me if I want to become a basket weaver?
  • Oh another chance to flirt with sexy singles.
  • My credit score has been updated twice, if I could jsut email them with my SS# and my information to verify that I am the owner of said information, they can release the updated information to me. I will get right on that. So glad that people are looking out for my credit score.
  • $1500 into my bank account within the hour. TWICE. I guess I could use that $3000 to buy me some new clothes so that I look good in my new vehicles.
  • If I am a woman between the age of 24 and 54 then I am wanted. For what?
  • Scholarships are available in my area for nurses.
  • And I can work filling out surveys for cash, while I am studying to be a nurse.
  • Am I ready for the worlds FIRST social dating site?
  • Work from home doing easy work, processing rebates. I can process rebates all day. Send me the rebate checks, and I will process them right into my bank account thank you.
  • Pink Diet Patch people need my help. I know I am fat, but you dont have to send me emails, sheesh.
  • Laura G wants to say hello to me.
  • I can get any degree up to a PHD online, and I am sure I can use my financial aid from above to pay for it.
  • I can get ten (20) ring tones instantly. Yes it really says ten (20). Someone is an idiot, and for once, it isnt me.
  • I can get brand name diapers for free.
  • Am I interested in a house that is being foreclosed? Because they want to send me the April list of forclosed homes. Um, we arent even in April yet.
  • I can vote today for the November election. Um, I thought the November election was in November. Am I missing something?
  • This just in. I can flirt with some sexy singles. And view pictures of hot asian women.

Man, so many oportunities, and so little time. And now you know why I have 3 different email addresses, and why I only use one for when I fill out stuff online.


Karen said...

Wow, you're so popular! It seems that everyone wants a piece of you.

Scarlett said...

THIS was a funny post. Hey, i got the same emails this month! hahaha. funny.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

This was really funny!!! I keep getting Viagra emails and other to enlarge my PENIS!! I wonder if I should write somewhere on my profile that Im actually a woman!!!
And it's also time to make an order on 3 Little Flowers for those business cards!!! :)

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Happy birthday Johan!!!! OMG your comments on all the junk mail is absolutly to die for!!!! jaja, have you been in my junk folder????

Amie Vaughan said...

Ahhh... technology. Isn't it grand.

I wonder, though, if you can vote in the election now AND later? That would be something. ;)

Andrea said...

I have to laugh because I get those too!! I love the sexy black singles!! I get that one a lot!! LOL!!!!

Damama T said...

Jenniferrrr - you've been in the codeine again, haven't you. ROFL! I get those same dang things. The ones I love best are the FUTURE spams.. errr. offers dated 1-18-38. WTH?? LOL!

Heather said...

You crack me up!!


Adrians Mama said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY JOHAN!!!!!! Also, this was sooo funny! I also get TONS of spam and just like yours!! Cars, singles, etc, etc!!

Jennie B said...

I can't believe you sent my emails about flirting with sexy black, asian, etc singles in the Spam filter...don't you love me anymore. YOu know I can be your sexy anything.