Sunday, April 19, 2009


16 days from this moment I will be at the airport on my way home. Because of that, I have been having trouble sleeping. This past week I have had no more than 2 hours of sleep a day. One day I was up for 37 hours. Can I tell you something? It sucks.

Tonight is no different. The house is super quiet, and here I sit wide awake making lists. Lists of what I need to do before I leave, what I need to do when I get to Honduras, what I need to do over the next year. I am making wish lists, and goal lists and so on and so on. As much as I love lists, I need a break before I start making lists in double.

Instead I am going to try to clear out my brain some and share my randomness with you all. This probably wont make any sense to anyone - not even myself - but work with me here.

  • I have so much stuff still to pack, and only 3 more buckets to shove it in. I *really* need to look for some space bags and see if I can make me some more room in the buckets. But seriously, where is everything going to go?
  • 16 days left. Man the time is passing so weirdly. It is flying by, and yet it is passing so freaking slow. And they can't get here fast enough. I am going through withdrawels of my husband. It seems like everytime I talk to him now, I have tears in my eyes. But up until recently I wasn't really that emotional about it. Maybe its hormones?
  • I went to The Wal-Marts today. I was looking for some clothes for me. I really need some. I was so frustrated. Thanks to the awesome recipes on PW's website, the insomnia - and the munchies that go along with it, I am not losing weight. Which sucks in and of itself. However, I am also in between sizes right now, and I am not getting the larger size when I already know that I will lose weight when I get back to Honduras. And why waste the money for a week or two. And I wont get the smaller one because how do I know it will look ok on me anyways. (if its a $3 clearance item, thats different, I will get that). And it is not to great on your self esteem when you go clothes shopping and cant find anything that fits right.
  • My arthritis really has been bothering me this past week. There were a couple of days that I could barely move. And could barely pick up/hold Ari. My medication just wasn't working. Its funny though, because when it doesn't work, I can pinpoint out where exactly the arthritis is in my body. Its in my neck, both shoulders, both hands and wrists. It is also in my left knee, and my entire left foot. As well as my ankle and leg where I broke it last year.
  • I bought seeds last night at Target. (ugh - I so don't like Target, and do my best not to go there). Lets hope that I can make it past customs without them being confiscated. Some people are lucky that they aren't detected, and some people have them confiscated. If mine are confiscated, I will have my mom send me a ton in the next box she ships to me. I will get the seeds that I want, one way or another.
  • Ari still needs her passport. I am getting antsy because I dont have my appointment yet. But that is not my fault. I have to wait until no more than 14 day out from my trip date. I can call Tuesday to make her appointment. Hopefully I will feel more at ease after I make the appointment. (probably not - I will probably feel more at ease when I have her passport in my hands)
  • I am reading Square Foot Gardening, by Mel Barthalomew and really like it. I got it from the library, but want a copy for myself. It is one of those books that I would love to have as a reference. Or maybe the All New Square Foot Gardening. I haven't seen that yet at the library, but I wonder how different it really is. My mom is on the lookout for both of those books at yardsales etc. If any of you have an old copy you dont want, I would gladly take it.
  • I got a comment from someone the other day asking me if I would be interested in having old (used) magazines sent to me each month. I thought about it and said YES!! I'm not even gone yet, and I am already excited waiting to get my first package. (she is going to send them to my mom, then my mom will send them to me once a month).
  • Along the same tokens, if anyone has any old hand me down books - adult or children - I would gladly take them off your hands if you want to mail them to me. (actually my mom - but then she would mail them to me)
  • If you look on my sidebars you will notice that the links are gone. I am hoping to get some time and put my 2009 goals on there, then at the end of the year go back and post what I got done vs what I didn't get done. All the links that were there before are now in a post - with the link to the post posted instead.


Kelly said...

Wow, sorry you can't sleep. If you've already given us your Mom's address, forgive me, but I can't seem to find it... Aren't you homeschooling a couple of your children, if so, what grades are they in?

I'll really miss reading your blog when you're gone...

lola said...

Don't wait to issue the passport.

Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Don't underestimate what hormones and lack of sleep can do to you. I'm sure that is contributing to your general state of mind. Those two things can do crazy things to your mind :)

I just read Square Foot a couple months back. I really liked it, although if you do not have limited space, some things do better with a little larger area then what he suggests. The next one on my list is Introduction to Permaculture, but the cheapest I've found it is $55, so I will have to wait on that.

Good luck with all your stuff!

Heather said...

Oh I am a list lover too! So let me go through this with you.
1- space saver bags at $1 store, dollar tree
2- i think now it is a reality you will see him again before it was so far away you didnt really believe it or emotionally attach yourself.
3- I have jeans in 12, 10 and 8, LOL!
4- I have arthritis in my left knee also. I didnt know you did. You really are my sister arent you?
5- Let me know if you need help getting them to you. We ship everything to brasil. GL with customs, go with the ladies, they love me when i go through with kids.
6- wow! that would make me nervous too!
7- never heard of it, but try they can mail them to your moms house after you leave.
8- my mom does that with me too
9- i am already collecting pens for you and i have told several people to do the same. I will add books to it.
10-huh? jk! good luck!

Jennifer said...

Kelly - I will send you an email with my moms address is it. I am formally homeschooling Andre and Jordan (and will be doing basic stuff with the little ones). Andre is technically going in grade 9 -but he is in higher level in math, science and reading. He will be taking AP classes for science these next 4 years. Starting with AP Biology, then AP Chem, then AP Physics. He is also taking an AP Phycology class as well. Jordan is going into the 7th grade, but will be doing the same grade level CORE classes as Andre. She will have a different math and science class though. Although they arent to happy about it they both are taking Latin too, LOL. I figure that it can only help them with English, Spanish, and tons of other languages. As well as stuff like the SATs. (Our basic homeschool curriculum is from Sonlight)

Lola - I am not waiting to get the passport. Because I am going to an agency to get it, I ahve to wait until 14 days or less to make the appointment (which is tomorrow).

LSLS - I am taking lots of notes from the SF gardening. I also am reading one on container gardening. I think the SF gardening I can do. At least it makes me think I can, LOL.

Heather - Are you kidding me, I have arthritis in my neck, my shoulders, both hands (I already had joint replacement surgery in one of the joints in my right hand - 3 years ago almost), my knees, my feet - everywhere. I have some rare form of arthritis, and supposedly only 6% of caucasions int eh world have it. I am one of those 6%. This form of arthritis is also the cause of my anemia. Where a normal person would have a range of 35% - 60% of iron (or something - its a total number, I forget now what exactly its called) my level is 8%. My arthritis doctor asked me how I am functioning, and not in bed asleep all day, LOL. There are many times they have talked to me about a transfusion because of how low my numbers are. Its sort of crazy. You are awesome to be collecting pens for me :) Thank you.


Olancho Bound Gringa said...

I'm so sorry your not feeling well. Hormones SUCK! I hate the weight loss battle, too! Listen, I saw those space bags @ the Dollar Tree here in Tennessee, do you have one where you all are? This is Friday & I'm just now reading your Sunday post, but I'll look tomorrow & see if they still have some. I'll let you know.

chicadedios25 said...

I had a friend with anemia about in the same scores you are...they put her on iron and vitamin b12 and the difference in her is amazine. It might be just what you need to help you start feeling better.