Wednesday, January 9, 2008

conversations in the car

The other day I was driving in the car with the kids, and out of nowhere Andre says to me "Mom. when you get old I wont put you in a nursing home"

After explaining to Jordan that it was a nursing home, and not a nursery home, Andre and I continued our conversation.

So what are you going to do with me then?

You can live with me.

Why? So that when I am old, I still have to wash your clothes and cook you food and clean up after you, and your wife and all your kids?

laughing he said
MOOOOOOOOOM. No I will take care of you. You will be old, so you just have to sit and watch Jeopardy.
*Jeopardy? I don't watch that now - why would I want to watch it when I'm old???*

Will you take care of all of my needs?

Yes mom I will.

Even change my diaper?

WHAT? You don't wear a diaper.

Yeah, not now, but what if when I am old, I need to wear an adult diaper. Will you change my diaper?

Um. no, thats gross.

So you are going to leave me in a pee pee and poopy diaper all day long? Eww not only is that more gross, that says there is no love there. Plus I changed all of your gross diapers.

I wont let you sit in a pee pee and poopy diaper all day either Mom, I promise.

So who is going to change my diaper?

I don't know, but it isn't going to be me.
I never did find out who was going to change my diaper.


Jennie B said...

Aw, thats sweet. I will put my parents in a home NQA! I will put my MIL in a home NQA! But I hope my son can say the same for me as Andre said for you! Of course, i wouldn't really want him changing my diapers, so I should start a fund for my full care nurse if that is something I may have happen. :) Of course, I have grandparents in their 90's still living on their own, so there is still time. :)

Andrea said...

What a nice young man you have!! Mine would toss me in a nursing home in a second. Where there they will leave me in a pee pee and poopy diaper all day! LOL. I just love kids conversations in the car. :)

Adrians Mama said...

awww how sweet!! I am LOLing at not changing your diaper!! Thanks for the comment on my blog.

onthegomom said...

How sweet is that! Even without changing the diaper, what a great young man you have there!

Damama T said...

You should buy the book "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch. My boys bought it for me when Bug was in HS and Twig was in Jr. Hi. Even at that age, some nights they'd grab it and we'd curl up on the couch before bedtime to read it together. Not all bad times are ALL bad times. There's always something good to pull out if you look for it.

I love that Andre was telling you that he will Love YOU Forever - even if he has to pay to have your poopy diapers changed!


Momto3LittleFlowers said...

I hope you print this and keep it for when you are old and he wants to send you to a nursing home.... You will tell him: "But you promised!!"