Saturday, January 5, 2008

Just call me Mrs MacGyver

Sorry I haven't been on since my last post. I have been meaning to, but this past week has been crazy busy :) I wanted to say thank you to all of you who emailed me and let me know you were worried about me. Now that the holidays are over, and life has gone back to its busy busy self, I am ok again.
My room is somewhat of a mess, and I had been thinking about cleaning it out, but after thinking some more about it, I figured that I would clean out my purse instead. (you know, the whole new year, fresh start thinking). I sat down on the floor and pulled out a couple of peices of papers, and realized at that rate, I would never get it done, so I just dumped the purse upside down, got everything out of it, and put it in piles to go through. Can I say I had a TON of crap in there. And my purse isn't that big. Did you ever watch the old "Lets make a deal" and at the end the host would say he would give $100 to the person that had such and such in their purse? I could probably make money on that show most days, LOL.
Here is a list of what was in there...
  • 1 camcorder battery
  • 2 toy cars
  • 1 passport
  • 1 white bird
  • checkbooks for two closed checking accounts
  • 1 date planner
  • 1 pedometer
  • 1 bottle of my migraine meds
  • old car payment book that is no longer valid (the acct number has changed)
  • carmex lip stuff - that I can never find when I want to use it
  • cell phone
  • Nivea
  • $20 Giant gift card, that only has $4 on it
  • KFC paystub of my DH, from March 2007
  • Child Support Receipt book
  • 3 empty envelopes
  • bank statements from those closed account listed above
  • Creative Hands Foam World Glue
  • 5 striped paperclips
  • staple remover
  • 1 book (not in the picture)
  • 1 top to the package of Disney Princess Stick N Lift
  • 1 Barbie sticker
  • 1 pair nail clippers
  • my wallet
  • a 3 line triplex phone line adapter
  • 3 ponytail holders
  • 12 different pensa and pencils
  • $1.43 in change
  • 1 phillips screw driver
  • a screen spline tool (the thing with 2 rollers on it)
  • 5 CD's in the case
  • 1 Shark Tales DVD
  • 1 CD (PM Dawn anyone??)
  • CD with I dont know what on it
  • Formula Checks
  • memorabilia from 3 different dat nights with my husband from 2005/2006
  • 1 car insurance payment letter
  • 1 car payment letter
  • 1 used phone card
  • various receipts
  • 3 receipts for me to send in with a rebate, that had to be postmarked by september 1st, 2007
  • application for I dont know what
  • a bunch of paper and just trash


Heather said...

dang girl!!!! i think you need to empty that bad boy a little bit more often, lol!!! thats classic, thanks for sharing!

Mom to 3 Little Flowers said...

That's exactly why I dont even use a purse anymore! Going around with at least 2 diaper bags everywhere, I just put my things in a zip lock bag in there.... But your purse looks so much as mine use to look!!

Jennie B said...

You really had a PM Dawn cd in there? Now I know why you are my friend! I love them, "reality used to be a friend of mine", too! I'm glad I don't carry a purse but I can believe you have that much stuff, my mom used to carry around a purse that would fit the kitchen sink when I was little and she only had 2 kids!

onthegomom said...

HOLY COW!!!!! I cleaned out my purse this weekend, but you hold the record! :)

Honduras Sprout said...

Okay, when I was a working girl I seemed to have two phases of purses that needed to be changed every few months. (Often an excuse to buy a new purse but I often rotated too). Oh, the luxuries of a working girl with disposable income.
I'd get a small purse because I was so fed up with the big purse I'd been lugging around that was starting to breaking my shoulder. Then I'd carry the small one around until I decided that it just didn't hold enough of what I needed. I'd tell myself I needed a bigger purse again but this time I'd be much more organized about it.
It was a vicious cycle. But it didn't change for 5 years while I was in corporate America. Big purse, small purse, big purse, small...

I have to give you a big internet hug because you brought back to my mind one of my favorite CD's back from when I was so young and in love (not with the hubby tho) but young love is so nostalgic - right? I just love PM Dawn and probably haven't listen to them for 10 years!
I was playing the song listening and my husband walked up behind me and gave me a little hug and some sweet words. I think he must have thought I was thinking about him. Maybe I was, but more I was thinking about that young love feeling. hee hee. I wasn't going to tell him that tho. LOLOLOLOL

Andrea said...

Holy cow!! That is a bunch of stuff you have been carring around!! LOL!!

Damama T said...

OK - I'm sending a link to this post to my kids so they will now officially know that there is someone else on the planet with as much (more!? ;o) ) stuff in their purse as me.