Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Things to do, things to do...

So much to do to get ready to move. Being a list making kind of girl I wrote out a list of things as they came into my head. The list is sort of in chronological order. It may be added to as I get closer. As I do each thing, I will cross it off. (this will be the first blog you will see until I leave - as I add a new blog post, you will see it below this one. I think you all would realize that, but since I didn't realize it on another persons blog until that person told me, I thought I would let you all know, just in case)

**for those who have made a major move like this, if you see anything missing on my list, or have any ideas/suggestions for me, please, please PLEASE let me know in the comment section**

My list is shown to the right - it has been moved just to make things less complicated :)


Momto3LittleFlowers said...

I did an overseas moving, but just with one baby!! LOL…..
- You may want to translate the ESL certificate.
- You are right leaving one account open… Im having problems with receiving money through paypal bc I don’t have a US account anymore… And the joined account with your mom is great, but don’t leave it as the only account if she receives help from the government.
- You have to cancel electricity and gas too
- Translate the medical records for the kids

About the post, it can be confusing, unless you add it as a Page Element without date, instead of a blog entry....

Andrea said...

Wow that is an impressive list!! And a lot to do!! I can't think of anything!! Looks like you have it covered!! No stress! :)

Jac said...

I recommend the biggest size duffles allowed by the airline. You can bring so much more than in a suitcase. I would consider either shipping or bringing shampoo, it is so expensive there (IMHO). Perhaps bring washcloths, I think the concept is not recognized/available in many stores.

Honduras Sprout said...

I bought suitcases off Craigslist for cheap. I also sold a lot that way too! Then I realized that luggage could be Rubbermaid bins as long as they were within weight and size. I drilled holes through the tops and sealed them with heavy duty zip-ties. They stacked good even on those wheely airport carts and now they serve as excellent storage bins here. I also did this with the 4 huge Rubbermaids of household misc stuff I sent down via a shipping company. The guy that picked them up thought it was a very smart way to ship. I did bring two regular suitcases too on the flights so that we would have actual luggage here if needed.

I didn't put my parents on the bank account. I just got them power of attorney and they have the rights to all my things in my absence. notarized, of course. I think it would be wise for your mother to have at least limited power of attorney if needed. If your mom needs to get medical records, bank statements, government issued documents (birth cert, etc) then POA allows it. My parents had to go and get another certified, apostilled birth certificate of our son in my absence as well as another criminal record for me and they had no issues. They also took care of all the car title transfer stuff once my car sold without their name needing to be on it. They just showed them the POA and everything was taken care of.

We found the POA form on the net and printed it. Then just took it to the bank. It took very little time and was fairly simple and straight forward to do.

Let me know if you'd like the blank form. I can probably hunt it down or dig and see if it's on my computer.

Oh, I also scanned copies of the passports, IDs, credit cards. I printed a copy and left them with my parents.

I'll let you know if I think of anything else.

Heather said...

I know i have things to add im just too tired to think of them right now but il email ya when they come to mind, lol!

Just wanted to come back and say great job on getting things knocked off already!!! Go jennifer go!!

wolfie_cr said...

the one part I don't get is "put van under mom's name", is she going with you guys to Honduras? if she isn't , wouldn't having the title under someone who is not there complicate things in the end?

discovering me said...

You can find cheap suitcases at goodwill, also freecycle is a great place to find free suitcases. Bring something for the little ones to do on the plane, and some lollipops( it helps with the airpressure disturbance in the air.. My son at age 11 months just cried the whole way down there and pulled at his ears).. If I think of anything else I will post later.

Damama T said...

Wow! That is a lot to have to accomplish and be working, too! I admire your spunk and courage, lady! I was going to recommend Freecycle, too. You can post a Want or search for Offers very easily. Don't forget to look in areas surrounding yours, as well.

Looks like you've got a good handle on things, so about all else I can offer are my prayers and moral support. xoxoxo