Saturday, January 12, 2008

The countdown just got shorter - by how much I dont know

I was checking prices and flight information again - I do that often, just as a way to pass the time - and the flights for June 24th, the day I planned on going - have gone up $100 to almost $640 per person - and there are 8 of us that I have to buy tickets for. I was freaking out because I was planning on using my tax return to get the tickets, and that is more than my tax return is. Not by much, but still over. So I was playing around and putting in different dates and if I leave on June 3rd are almost half as much. They come to $327 or something close to it. I dont remember the exact amount, as I was so excited to see how low that was, LOL. I get my tax return on the 25th of this month, and I hope that the price doesn't change so that I can buy the tickets. I am even more excited because I can use the left over to get the passports - both US and Honduran, so that is saving me from having to use my working money. Now I just want the 25th to hurry up and get here so that I can change my countdown ticker and see the numbers drop alot!

Levi is two months old, and so freakin fat it isnt funny. On the 2nd he had his 2 month appointment, and he weighed in at 15 pounds and 3 oz. My poor baby, you can tell we don't feed him, LOL.

(ok, I just went back and watched the two videos that follow, and I really do clean my house. It seems like when I have the camera its a disaster - but really I do clean it)

Lana is such a sweet little girl. She is learning how to ask for things nicely, and how to deal with her brothers and sisters like a nice little girl should. NOT. She IS talking alot more though. Having so many older brothers and sisters she has learned alot of new important words and phrases. Some of the recent ones she has learned. Mine, Get Off, Give it to me, Let Go, Go Away, I want it.

Here you can see how she puts some of those phrases to work. Johan has a ball, and wont let her have it. At the beginning of the video you can hear her saying I want the ball, and at the end she is saying Let GO! She is getting better at how she treats Johan though, because normally she wouldn't keep asking, she would have decked him within the first 10 seconds or though. (and yes I know it is dark - I dont have very bright lights in my bedroom)

And just because I think she is so cute, here she is dancing


Jennie B said...

Well The videos seemed the same too me. :) Lana-bear really is talking well. We barely get anything communicable from Mac. You sure have cute kids in that messy house of yours. LOL.

Yeah on moving the date up! Makes looking forward to going so much better!

Adrians Mama said...

HEy Jennifer the videos are the same! Cute but i wanted to see Lana dancing!!!!

Amie Vaughan said...

Ha, ha! I saw the two different videos. Yay me! They were too cute... she's gonna be one fiesty gal, that Lana! =) I'm excited that your countdown is getting shorter... I'll keep my fingers crossed that the prices stay down, or even better, drop more!

Jennie B said...

Yeah, Dancin Lana is too cute!!

Damama T said...

What a dancing cutie! I wonder if my Daughter was like that at that age. Her still pictures seem to have the same hair and skintone colors. Wish I had some video. That's the only bad thing about adopting an older child.

Damama T said...


suburbancorrespondent said...

Taxes done already! I am impressed! And that's a nice fat baby. One of mine (Brian?) was 15 pounds at 2 months - the photos are so funny, with no neck and jowls resting on his little chest.