Tuesday, December 4, 2007

among other things...Why I want to move to Honduras

To me, this is beauty.

I have to feel like i am doing something - being productive. While I know that June is still a ways off, I am beginning to get more and more excited. I know that once January hits, and it will be the same year that I am leaving. (meaning it will be 2008, and I can say we are leaving this year, and mean THIS year, not within the year - yeah I know, silly things make me happy)

So I have been going through my closets and stoage areas and just other places as well, and have began to pack up stuff that I want to send to Honduras. I have found a moving company that isn't to to expensive to send a container. The difference between a 20 foot and a 40 foot container is only $400, so I am trying to see if the in-laws that are here would like to pay for half of the container and they would be able to send 20 feet worth of stuff there. That would save me a thousand dollars doing it that way. I so hope that they do, because I have some stuff, while not alot, I would love to send down, and its to bog to fit in the van. Like my washer/dryer. My freezer. My king sized bed - its brand new (bought this year) and its awesome, and I have heard that they arent as nice in Honduras. And a table. Not a dining room table, but butcher block kitchen storage like table thing with 2 shelves and 3 drawers. Nothing big, but I do love it for some odd reason.

I now have 7 boxes of stuff packed up and sitting in an alcove downstairs. Mickey and Isa have gotten into the spirit of things and keep bringing me stuff telling me that want me to send that stuff to Honduras too. They are ready to pack up and leave too I think.
Even though we wont be here but 6 and a half more months, I am redoing the family closet downstairs. I will post more about that with pictures once it is done. I love the family closet though and wish I had thought to tell Lale that before he left, so that down there we could have a family closet too.

I was thinking about why I am moving to Honduras, and thought I would share some of them with you.

  • We all know my number one reason is my husband. To bring my family back together.
  • beauty - everywhere, but real beauty, not the commercial beauty. When people think about the beauty of Honduras, they think about the beaches. Yes the beaches are beautiful, but it the people that make Honduras beautiful.
  • I want my children to experience a different culture. To learn to not take everything for granted
  • I want my children to grow up in a place where things aren’t as important as people and family.
  • Back in 2001 I went to Guatemala and I knew when I stepped off of the plane that I was home. Once I got to know the people it just became more concrete in my mind. I had found my place. Not necessarily that country, but that culture. I knew that I would be back to live some point in my future.
  • One day I as online and I came across a website – http://www.casadelosangeles.org/ - and I cried. And I had a feeling that this is what I am supposed to be doing. And Si Dios Quiere – God Willing as everyone says in Honduras– I will be able to do something along these lines in Honduras. Maybe not on such a large scale, but something along these lines to make a difference.
  • I am a country girl at heart. I cant wait to become a farmer/ranchers wife. (man that sounds odd to call my husband a farmer or rancher, LOL)

When I spoke about the beauty of Honduras, I said the people. But I find beauty in so many things. Simple things that others may not see as beautiful. I think for me, the best way to describe it is that there are so many things that are "ugly" to society, that to me are beautiful. There is a blog on my blogroll. My Life In Chacala, and it is a blog written by someone in Chacala, Mexico. And some of the pictures that are posted there to me are the most beautiful pictures. But they are pictures of the area. Not the touristy places, and not beautiful by tourist standards, but to me they are beautiful. The fabrics, the colors, the people. All of it. Here is one of my favorite posts, and the pictures that show some of the beauty that I am talking about. I wish that when I went to Honduras, I had thought to take more pictures. I wish that when I went to Guatemala, when I got the film developed, I had gotten it on a CD too, so that I could share some of them with you.


Andrea said...

I would love to go to Honduras. My friend and her husband lived in Guatemala for two years. They still have many friends down there. It's cool to hear them answer their phone in spanish! Love it. I think it is beautiful too. I live in the country and love it. There is something about living in the middle of nowhere that brings family closer!

onthegomom said...

I loved your post tonight, very heartfelt. I also went to the other blog with the pictures. They blew me away!!!!!!!!! AMAZING! Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing that :)

Karen said...

I love it! Honduras sounds like an awesome place. I love beautiful people like that. That's probably why you'll fit right in.

suburbancorrespondent said...

Well, I can't wait until you go - then we can hear (and see) all about it.

I can't believe you tried to drive to Baltimore on Wednesday.