Saturday, December 22, 2007

Comcast has issues, but then again... so do I

I was going to write about how Comcast cable company is full of idiots, then I changed my mind. Then I changed it again. Oh it is so nice being a woman, and being able to change your mind on a whim, LOL.

I tried to switch to comcast the other day, but because I have an outstanding balance of $.21 they wouldn't let me. I told them I never received a bill and they said they dont send out bills for such a small amount. Ummm ok, how am I supposed to know I owe them then. So if I want to switch to Comcast, then I have to pay the $.21 on a credit card, where they cahrge me $4.95 convience fee, or drive 20 minutes away and pay it at the office. It is against their policy to allow me to give the person who will hook up the cable a quarter. They could even keep the change. LOL

My mom said I should threaten to go Mona Shaw on them. If you haven't heard this story, click on the link, it is the BEST story. A truely heartwarming story of a 75 year old woman who took on Comcast and their crappy customer service into her own hands. I also love how there is now a blog for comcast haters.

Anway, since I decided not to tell you about my dealings with the comcast idiots ;), I decided to share some children fun. My favorite is the second video - I love the way Levi dance.

I tried to post the video on here, but it wouldn't work. So here are the links. I hope you check them out, because they made me laugh! Especially the second one...

The oldest 5 of mine and a snowball fight

The younger two dancing


Jennie B said...

Hammer Lady Rocks. That was a terribly written story, but the whole idea was great! Thats why we don't mess with cable. :)

Karen said...

I hate dealing with customer service idiots. UGH

But have a very Merry Christmas! And just think, next year it'll be as a whole family.

onthegomom said...

I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!! I hope you got to relax just a *little* during the holidays, you deserve it.

Karen said...

Hey, I tagged you with a meme. Pop over to my blog to see the details.

Shellie said...

So funny, comcast, beware! cute kids!

Damama T said...

I hate comcast! They have unscrupulous sales tactics and rude people and their prices are outragous!

And I loved your tiny dancers. Very cute!

xoxo & TTFN!