Saturday, December 15, 2007

Making plans to become annoyed...

As long as it doesn't snow to to bad this weekend, and the weather/roads are ok come Monday, I am off to the Honduras Consulate this Monday for another fun-filled day like the last time.

After the fun of last time, from my house I am trying to only bring myself, Levi and Johan. Gloria and Larry will be going as well. I am hoping that schools are in on time Monday morning too, otherwise I will have to bring everyone except for Andre, and Lana. Lana because I have someone else willing to watch her, and Andre because he can stay home by himself. Jordan is old enough to stay home by herself, but if I left Andre and Jordan home together by themselves, well there would be no house to come home too. I am excited to go and spend a good portion of my day sitting (possibly standing - depending on how many people beat us there) in an overheated little room waiting for people who seem to be doing nothing to decide to come out and call my name. Then to go back out to the waiting room to wait some more for the Consulate to decide to sign the paperwork. Last time waiting for the Consualtes signature took 4 hours or so. I will be taking my camera though, so there should be some fun there.

And just because, here are a couple of videos of my little ones...

Johan counting in English and Spanish

Lana showing how she feels about her papi

This girl, when she gets ahold of my cell phone, she knows how to turn on the songs that I have downloaded. I never noticed until I saw the video, but when the music comes on, watch her lips. I bet one day soon she is going to come out and just start singing.

Lana when she gets in trouble

I don't know why she started to do this, but anytime she thinks she is in trouble she will look at me and go MOMMY!! with a smile, then pat my arm. But it makes me laugh everytime.

Levi just chilling


Andrea said...

Levi is getting so big!! He is so handsome! It is great how Johon can count in spanish!! Good luck on Monday! Hope you get everything done and signed!! You better still blog when you move!! :)

Adrians Mama said...

Sooo cute!!!! Hey i need your address so I can send you a Christmas card! Thanks!!

onthegomom said...

Those are cute videos!

I just read about your last trip to the consulate... OMG and HOLY COW. Best of luck on Monday AND having to go it alone. You will be in my prayers that day!

Mom to 3 Little Flowers said...

That "katlo" (cuatro) crack me up!! LOL

And Mia is just like Lana with the cell phone.. She knows how to put the music and she hides to listen to it!!

suburbancorrespondent said...

Did you know Spanish before you met your husband? I'm trying to learn some basic Spanish now (I get Rosetta Stone free from the library).