Monday, December 3, 2007

Prozac anyone?

Jordan - Taken October 2006
Today my oldest daughter turns 10. She is becoming such a beautiful and loving girl. Well I guess not girl, young lady maybe? Muchacha?

Although she was my quickest, and easiest labor - an hour and a half from first contraction to her being born, when she was a baby I hated her. Well not really hated her, but man she got on my nerves, LOL. Andre was my first, and he was a good baby. slept through the night, was independant etc. etc.

Jordan would wake up at night every 2 hours to eat a little bit of formula - she wouldn't eat more - and take an hour to eat what little she did. During the day she wouldn't sleep or nap. I swear to you, the most she slept was 15 minutes at a time, then she was crying again. Looking back on it, I wish I was more confident in my abilities of being a mother, and didn't look to the doctors for everything. I think she probably would have been a great sleeper if I had put her on her belly. (yes my kids now will sleep on their belly as babies if they sleep better that way. I break tons of rules now, and my ped is A-OK with it, he trusts my ability to be a mother, LOL) So as a little baby I never got any sleep. It took her forever to sleep through the night. I mean she was potty trained (which was awesome - she trained herself at 14 months) before she slept through the night.

When she was 6 months but couldn't crawl, if I left the living room to go into the kitchen, she would sit there and SCREAM her head off. I never got a moments peace from her. I loved her (still do) but man she drove me insane.

Now I don't know what I would do without her. She is the biggest help with the kids, and she does it willingly. Sometimes I have to remember not to pile everything on her, and let her be a kid, because she just does this on her own to help me out.

She is a big pain in the you know what as well. But thats due to being pre-teen and hormones and what not. At the doctors today, her ped told me she is at the beginning of puberty, and should have her first period in 2 years or so. I told him I didn't think she would live that long, if I had to wait 2 years for this hormonal stuff to become monthly, instead of ALL THE TIME.

Case in point. She was going out to dinner with my mom tonight, and I asked her if she wanted all of us to go, or just her. She said all of us. Then she was crying because she NEVER gets time alone with my mom, so she didn't want us to go. Ok, no big deal. So I started to make dinner, and she asks me why am I making dinner, aren't we all going out. I told her no, she said she wanted to go by herself, and she ran out the room screaming and crying because I was putting to much pressure on her and she wanted us all to go to have fun together.

WTH??? I swear I don't think I was this bad when I was her age. I really don't. So I sat down with her, pulled her into my lap and asked her again, trying to figure out what it was that she wanted. She said she didn't want to feel like she was selfish. I told her she wasn't being selfish by wanting to go by herself, and really it was no big deal. So she went by herself.

She comes home from dinner in a good mood. Everyone had cupcakes, my mom left, and Jordan once again turned my home into hormonal hell. She threw herself on the couch and began to cry hysterically again. Mickey asked her whats wrong, and she said everything. With the exception of dinner with my mom this day was HORRIBLE. Mickey said that she loved her, and she hopes Jordan liked her present. Jordan asked what it was, and she said she got a hug and a kiss for her because she loves her, and a dog from the toy bucket downstairs that Jordan can sleep with. (Mickey is 4). Jordan said thats a stupid present, ran to her room and proceeded to cry for a good 15 minutes.

Then she came out and apologized to me and Mickey for her behaviour and went to bed all smiles and happy as can be.

Maybe I should give her a Valium instead of, or along with a Prozac. sheesh. At least she still talks to me. I know the time where I become her enemy is on its way.

Jordan, earlier this summer

Happy Birthday Jordan. Hormonal or not, I love you!