Saturday, April 19, 2008

30 days

30 days. Thats it. 30 days from right now I will be stacking my luggage out the front door, and saying good bye to this house. I wonder if I will be upset, or if I will be ok. I think I will be just fine. It helps that my mom isnt giving me a ride to the airport, but one of those airport limo/vans are instead. This day has been a long time in coming, and I can't wait. My new life.

I sit here and think about what my new life is going to be like, and how different it is going to be. I have an idea of what my life is going to be like, and I am going to post it here, so that later, I can come back and post what its really like and see how off I am.

Let me start with what my life is like now. Right now, I have an easy life, LOL. On days that I work, I get up, get the kids dressed and fed breakfast, take them to the babysitters, and work my 6-8 hours. Andre puts dinner in the oven (or I put it in the crockpot in the AM) before I get home. I get home, everyone eats dinner, gets a bath, and off to bed. I sit online for a bit then go to bed myself.

I sit here and think about what its going to be like in Honduras. It drives me crazy because I am a person that, while it seems like my life is chaos, I like order in my life. I like to have a schedule and everything - even if it is in my head. I know that in Honduras, clothes will be washed in the pila, by had. More than likely I will be washing clothes every day. I know that the cows have to be milked twice a day. Eggs have to be gathered. I have to get up early to make breakfast and lunch for Lale, so that he has comida when he goes arriba. (Ugh, and I am on of those that prefers to stay up late, and sleep late). Homechooling the kids has to be thrown in there somehwere as well. Dinner has to be made as well. Plus daily cleaning. I am sure my husband is going to want some ironing done, and I think I am going to have to teach the kids how to iron, because I don't iron. I think, in my almost 32 yrs of life, I may have ironed 5 times. Maybe. I hate to iron. Looking at this list, it doesnt look like there is much to do, but I seriously know that it is going to be crazy.

Plus the heat. I sooooo do not like the heat. So that will be another big adjustment. Although it used to be that in the middle of winter, I would be sitting in the house in a t-shirt and shorts, while everyone else is bundled into pants, socks, sweatshirts, and blankets. But after I had Levi, my whole body has changed. All winter long I wore socks in the house. And sweatpants. And sometimes two shirts. If you know me, you know that so is not me. Today it was almost 80 degrees, and I was wearing shorts, a tank top, and a hoodie. So maybe my body is saying it is ready for some Honduras heat, LOL.

As far as culture shock, I don't know how its going to affect me. I know that it will. I have done my research by reading about what has affected other people, and I think that in general I will be ok. But I don't know. The hardest thing for me is being so far away from my mom. She and I talk ALL the time. Seriously, we talk usually 5 times or more a day. That is going to be the hardest thing for me to give up. My friends, well I don't have many in real life friends that I talk to on a regular basis. Most of my friends are online, and I will be able to talk to them. Maybe not as often, but I can still talk to them. The only other person that I talk to usually on the phone is Gloria (my sister in law). But we talk usually once or twice a week if that. I am sure that I will talk to her when she calls her moms house. So no biggie there. I speak fluent Spanish, so that is a big plus for me. Most of my interactions are with people in Spanish, so I dont think that is going to bother me. I also look at this as an adventure, and a learning process. I hope that my outlook will help me adjust too. I also hope that I am able to help the kids adjust. Jordan shouldn't have a super hard time. She speaks Spanish ok, and makes friends real easy. Andre is going to have a harder time. He has a hard time with change in general, so this big of change is hard for him. And he has a hard time making friends too. And his Spanish isnt very good. I just hope that once we move, he will be ok. I know he can pick it up (the Spanish) and being immersed in it, its the best way to learn. The little kids, they are small enough, they can adapt without to much problems. Thats my hope anyway.

One thing I am sort of worried about is the change in culture. When my husband was here, we got along pretty well. I mean we are both stubborn, so we had our issues, but in general we were fine. We have similar thoughts on how the kids should be raised and all of that. But I have heard that once we get there, we may have some issues, because he is back in his culture, and he starts to see things as the right way. And to me they arent the right way. And because I am a very outspoken independant person, that too may cause some issues. His culture is all about machismo and appearances. The other week when I talked to him, I told him that I was worried about that, and that I hope he didnt expect me to change who I am, because I wont. I told him I understood about the difference in culture, and I can be a little bit quieter - well thats not right. Um I dont know how to say what I am trying to say. I guess I can keep some of the appearances up when out and about, but at home, I will still be who I am. Does that make sense? I reminded him that we are a couple. A pair. Equal. El no me manda, no yo a el. He laughed and said that in Honduras it is what he says that goes. But then he laughed and told me that he knows that I wont change, and that he doesnt want me to change. It calmed my fears some, but we will see once I get there what happens.

There are other things that I am going to have to work on as well. And it is going to be hard. With the exception of my sister in law Angie, I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when I see something, or when someone is treating me rudely etc. And from what I understand, that is to be expected. Not just because I am a gringa, because they treat their own the same way. And I am not for injustice to anyone.

I dont know. I am in for a big change. I am ready for it. Thats all I know.


Jennie B said...

Youre leaving me! My FDIL is leaving her FDH! NO!

You are going to do fine, I am sure there will be an adjustment. There always is even if you just move to a different state. But I think in a way it will be "going home" too since DH is there waiting!

I'm so excited for you!!!

Amie Vaughan said...

My experience in moving here was that it many ways it's not as easy as I thought it would be, but it's also not as hard. Strange things hit me with culture shock, and other things that I expected... didn't. But your attitude towards it all is the biggest advantage you can have, I think. I'll be praying for y'all, and can't wait to hear all about it!

Heather said...

I am glad to see you thinking out loud. I am the same way, i live a crazy life moving every 6 months, but i try to plan it in my head and be as organized about it as possible. You will do fine, just go with the flow and a schedule will eventually unfold.


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

You'll do great - knowing the language is half the battle. You should get your thyroid checked before you go, though (you know, in your spare time).

CancunCanuck said...

Jennifer- You are going to be just fine. You are well aware of the challenges that lay ahead and are entering into the experience with an open mind, you can't ask for much more than that! You've been living in a bi-cultural relationship for a long time, I don't suspect much can change that at all, he probably brought all his (ahem) baggage with him in the beginning, I doubt he will have changed his essential being in such a short time my dear. Chillax! Big hugs, it's going to go soooo super fast!

LaGringaMasBella said...

I think you'll be okay too but while I read this post I heard the theme song to Green Acres playing in my head ... hmmmm.

-Lisa :)

Andrea said...

I can't believe you are leaving s soon!! It doesn't seem that long ago that you made your list of everything to do!! I think it would be exciting to move there, but I don't think I could say good by to my washing machine!! That would be really hard to do!!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I read your blog and know exactly what you are going through. We moved there in 2004 and the first thing I noticed was how they treat the women. Honestly, I do worry about you. Your husband seems to be OK without you being down there and do you really know he is not with the mother of his other kids? He was/has been in the past unfaithfull. His family will lie to cover it up just so you will come down with their grandkids.
Pray about this before you make a mistake. Your kids will suffer,especially the girls and your oldest son will not have the educational opps he would have here. Please be wise and think about this.
Does he really love you? A lot of us are doubting his heart.

Theresa said...

Hi! If I may make a suggestion, get a skype account. If you have time (I know that it's getting close to moving time)do it before you leave the USA. I love it, it costs me around 2 cents us to call my kids in California (from Mexico). Get a headset and microphone before you go and try it out with the skype software. You can even use a webcam. If the person you are calling also has a skype account, then it's free. It also is handy when I am calling back home for other than social reasons.
Good luck, you are so ahead of the game since you already speak Spanish.

Damama T said...

All I can say is that I'm praying for success for you and your family. You are going into this with eyes wide open. That's important. My hope is that you also have an escape plan if necessary. Not that I think it will be needed, but, as I'm always telling people, "plan for the worst, pray for the best, and be ready to deal with whatever comes along."

angela said...

I believe your attitude is half the battle & with your optimistic outlook, you have already won! I think you will enjoy the challenges, your kids will enjoy all the things they have never seen, they will be so happy for you all to be together again. I will pray for you & your family, that all will be well. I also pray that the heat won't bother you as much as you fear. Since you are going to the mountains, at least it won't be as hot as the beach areas are. Your son may have a difficult time at first, but then again, you just never know til it happens. If you have the opportunity to socialize with other kids his age, he'll adjust fine. God has put this opportunity in your life for some reason, & if it wasn't meant to be, it wouldn't have worked out this way for you.
I can't wait to hear from you when you arrive.
~Best of luck & love!

Honduras Sprout said...

I think you sound prepared. You do have a lot on your plate with homeschooling too. I've been thinking about that myself. I'll probably be looking more into soon. It's not so much what my daughters school teaches, it's how and the approach to education and the crazy inconsistent teachers. Ugh.

The anon poster sounds sincere but clueless. What a weird comment and inappropriate too. At least it solidified your feelings because it gave you a chance to defend them.

I'm so rooting for you!

Honduras Sprout said...

Oh! I forgot. If you aren't going to have a washing machine, you should definitely look into hiring a laundress. They are pretty cheap labor. As determined as you are to take care of things, doing laundry by hand for your big family is probably more than you can handle. My husbands family had 5 kids and two adults and they had a full time laundress washing ALL DAY LONG at the pila. Yuck!

Just buy a machine. Your hands and arms will thank you.