Thursday, April 24, 2008

ACK... look at the time... like my hair, its getting shorter

Do you see these numbers? Do you see how few there are? Have you seen my house? Of course you haven't because I haven't posted pictures. I would show you pictures, (and I will, I promise) but my camera has some issues and it went in for therapy. Don't worry though, it should be back tomorrow. (Its about time too. I havent had a working camera of my own for a while now. I can't wait to get it back).

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Due to what I am calling stress and/or a moment of insanity, I cut my hair. I came home Monday from work, went into the bathroom, getting ready to take a shower, looked into the mirror and said, I need to cut my hair. It was something that I *had* to do, right then. So I did.
If you know me, you know that I have had long hair for a LOOONNNGGG time. There is a reason for that. My hair grows so freaking slow. Or at least it seems like it. It probably grows on the slow side of normal, but it is so thin, and so fine, that it seems to take forever. I am very picky with my hair too. In the past 5 years, I have had my hair cut 3 times. Yup, 3 times. Once in Feb 2003. Once in April of last year, and once in June of last year. I usually do the trimming of my hair. However, Monday, I did a bit more than trimming. I took off more than 8 inches of my hair. It barely touches my shoulder. I can get it into a mini ponytail though, and that is all that matters.
I don't regret it, I am just shocked that I did it. And I messed up the back, because when I cut so much off (with non-hair cutting scissors) I didn't do it the right way. I just pulled it into two pony tails, and said sniiiip. So I had a couple of spots in the back that were no where near close to even. So what did I do? I took my mostly dull fabric scissors to KFC and had my manager fix it up for me.
Life can't get any better than that, can it? Its like the Hair Cuttery, catered. I didn't tell my brother yet. He is going to cry. He loves my hair. He calls it the corn silk hair. That is what my manager at KFC said to me too. She said I have corn silk hair, and she would love to just sit there and brush my hair all day, LOL. I also didn't tell Lale yet either. Well I haven't talked to him since I did it, but I don't know if I am going to tell him, or just suprise him by showing up with short hair. He doesn't like me with short hair, but when I asked him last year about cutting it this short, and what did he think, he said he didn't care. So lets see how much he freaks out when he finds out, LOL.
Here is a picture of me last April, when I got my hair cut and colored. See how long it was?


This was one year ago Friday. I know it was my birthday, so why wasn't I smiling ? LOL. I don't know what was going on with me, and why I wasn't smiling. But anyway, see how long my hair was?

See my color that I had done? I LOVED LOVED LOVED it.
To bad my hair doesn't hold color, and within 2 weeks it was all back to brown. Stupid hair)
Once I get my camera back (please let it be tomorrow, please, please, please) I will take a picture and show you all my new hair cut, and you can tell me what you think. Depending on what I end up doing, I may decide to color my hair too. Who knows. Thats my problem with my hair though. If I leave it alone, I do ok. Once I start messing with it though, I start to change it over and over and over. It becomes addicting.
Oh wait, here is another picture I found on my photobucket account of my hair back in January 2004. Isa was almost a month old when I took this picture. (which explains the extremely large boobs - they almost take over this picture, dont they, LOL) I love how it looks here, with how dark it is (my natural color) and that it has some curl. My hair is pin straight, and when I am lucky enough to get some curl into it with a curling iron, that curl lasts all of 5 minutes. The somewhat curl that I have on the serious picture way up there, that was 30 minutes after I left the salon, and my hair was VERY curly when I walked out the door. My hair just wont hold a curl.



Amie Vaughan said...

I can't wait to see how it looks now! =)

I'd give you some of my curl, if I could. My hair has a mind of its own, and some days I would love it if it just laid there and let me tell it what to do. Oh well. We can't have everything.

I also haven't cut my hair very often in the past several years.... I let it grow out til I have at least ten inches to spare, then I have it cut for free at a nice salon who donates it to Locks of Love. I love it. I got it cut last July, and it's already past my shoulders. Next year, I'll have enough to do it all again. Yippee!

Anonymous said...

The week before our wedding I cut my hair for the first time in two years! LoL, craziness. I can't wait to see pictures of your new hair cut! I bet it looks great!!

YAY!! only 26 more days!!! You're soooooo close!!! :)

LaGringaMasBella said...

My husband is a straight-up freak you could say. He says I must've put a spell on him because he loves me soooo much!

It's borderline scary.

I had really long hair and he loved it.Last summer I cut my hair REALLY short; the lady used the clippers on the back and sides. I just had a lot of hair on top.

He loved it too!

Now it's grown down just to the bottom of my neck and I've always had naturally curly hair so I can wash it, slap gel in it, pick it, throw it up in a barrete (sp?) and spritz ... done.

When we met I was almost 100 pounds lighter; he loves the fat too.

No complaints here!

-Lisa :)

Andrea said...

Oh I can't wait to see what your hair looks like! It's so pretty long!! Mine is so straight too!! Never get past the bathroom door with any kind of curl!! LOL!! I can't believe there are only 25 days left until you leave! YIKES!! I would some how sneak my washer into the car!! LOL!!