Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You could be a super model...

I had a post in my head for today. And for once, it had somethign to do with me moving to Honduras. I mean, I started this blog for that main purpose right? It is called Following My Catracho, not Living with 7 Kids, LOL. But I have less than 35 days until I go. 35 DAYS. Looking around my house, I have a mini panic attack. I have so much STUFF in my house. I just want it gone. I want to wiggle my nose, and it be gone. But it doesn't work that way.




excuse the poor quality of the pics, my camera is in the shop, and I had to use Andre's.

At my good bye cookout thing, my nephew Matt told Isa, he said, Isa, you are so beautiful, you can be a super model. As I looked at her today, you know she may very well be. I mean she can already do the crazy hair things that they do on the runways. And you know, it is a stereotype that models are... well they are a few eggs shy of a dozen. That is Isa as well. She was playing with Levi today, and talking to herself, and this is what she said.

  • I am starving. I am starving to pee. as she runs off to the bathroom
  • When I gro up tomorrow, I am going to be a doctor too.
  • When I be older, I want a bike.
  • I want to go on a roller coaster. Roller coasters are fun. I want to be on the front of the roller coaster because it is mostest fun in the front. this coming from the biggest scaredy cat in the house.
  • Levi you can go on the roller coaster too. You want to sit in the front where it is mostest fun with me? You have to go in the car seat. Do you have your car seat? Lets get socks on you so you can go in your car seat and go in the roller coaster with me today. Lets go Levi.
  • Your cheeks are so big and big and big.
  • Levi!! You cheeks are big still.

My favorite thing she says to me though is she loves me.

  • Mom, I love you because you got us toilet paper.
  • Mom, I love you because you got me a cup of water.
  • Mom, I love you because you got us some yummy food.
  • Mom, I love you because you washed our clothes.

You know, reading it, it sounds like buying toilet paper, giving her a cup of water, getting yummy food and washing the clothes is a rare thing.


Jennie B said...

I love the hair! She should give me some tips because when baby girl gets hair I won't have any clue what to do with it!

You should make a book of Isa'isms. Then when she is older she can look back on it and smile.

LMAO! I didn't realize your cooking was so bad and you were so ill equipt with toilet paper, man if you need some I can send you some no biggie. LOL!

Andrea said...

She is so beautiful!! I love her sayings!! So cute!!

Heather said...

I love the sayings. Thais says, "mommy im so happy your home!" yet i never left, lol! Love em!

Damama T said...

I think what's rare is that she recognizes that doing those things takes effort and doesn't just take them for granted. What a cool kid!

Amie Vaughan said...

Definitely supermodel material there! =D I love that she was thoughtful enough to take Levi with her on the roller coaster, in his carseat. I was just picturing that one.... LOL!

LaGringaMasBella said...

I'm so jealous. We need to copyright Isa's sayings, make a doll, and sell 'em like hotcakes!

Appreciation for Mom is a rare thing anymore. I'd cuddle up with a talking Isa baby :)

-Lisa :-)

Adrians Mama said...

Awww she is sooo pretty! But of course all your kids are!!!!!! Her sayings were soo funny!!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Awwwwwwwww...... I guess you know who is the one that appreciates your hard work!!