Friday, April 11, 2008

Lets Celebrate You Leaving The Country... or something like that.

A long post with picture overload. :)

This past Saturday my mom had a family cookout. Sort of a good-bye cookout. I asked my mother who would be invited, and she said it would be me, and youngest older brother Dickie, and his wife Angie.


This is Dickie. I thought I took a picture of Angie, but I couldnt find one on the SD card.

I know how this sounds, and to be honest, I really do love my brother, and his wife. I just hate to spend time with them. Or talk to them on the phone. Not a visit (or talk) goes by without one (or both) of them saying something stupid or offensive. Today was no exception. I really don't know how I am able to keep my mouth shut, but I do. Maybe because despite the things that come out of their mouth sometimes, I still love them both.

Anyway, this post isnt about what was said, it was about that day. On Friday night I was missing my oldest older brother Alan, (well not quite my OLDEST older brother - that would be Tommy, but my oldest older brother that I talk to - confusing I know. Never mind) so I called him up. I was wishing that he could be here for Saturdays cookout. Especially since I was going to be able to see him in June, (that was when I was going to leave in June) but because my flight date got moved up, there was no way they would be able to get up here to see me before then, and there was NO way I would be able to afford to go and visit them. ANYWAYS... while talking to him, I felt that something just wasnt right with him, and I thought to ask him if he was here in MD. (He lives in KY). He told me no he was at home. Well my brother, who is going to be a pastor is a liar. Because when I got to my moms house on Saturday morning, guess who was there. Thats right my brother Alan, his wife Trisha, and their kids Alex, Matt and John. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. Although, maybe I shouldn't say he is a liar, that is kind of harsh. Maybe I should say he is a good truth stretcher. I mean after all , he was at moms home, and moms home will always be our home right??

Let me introduce you to Alan.

Oh wait, thats not his best side :)
Maybe this one is better... (can you see where I get my goofiness from?)
This one is better. As you can see, Mickey loves her Uncle Alan lots and lots.
And I would like to introduce you to Trisha, Alex (with Lana), Matt, and John.
Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket

It just made my day like you wouldn't believe. I missed him so much. I missed all of them. So I got to spend the day with them, as well as with Scott, Angie, my nephew Seth, my step sister Teresa, her hubby David, and their son Noah. The weather was perfect, and the kids had a blast and I just had a good time catching up with everyone.

And this is Seth.

I was able to get an ok picture of all the grandkids that were there. Although Noah didn't want to get in the moon bounce for a picture - but seeing everyone that was in there, I don't blame him ;)
Yes more than half of the kids in this picture are mine. There are 3 of the grandkids missing form this picture. Noah, who didn't want to get in the moonbounce, Jacob - who wasn't there, and Nick, who also wasnt there.

My mom got in the moon bounce too. I have proof.

Lana loved the moon bounce, so much so, that she fell asleep to all the bouncing. Levi hated it. (look at the grandkids picture above to see how much) I think the feeling scared him - even though no one was bouncing while he was in there.

Levi also got to spend time with his Aunt Trisha, and his Uncle Alan. Uncle Alan did an awesome job at putting Levi to sleep.
And I think he loved Alex the best, because he spit up on her quite a few times on Saturday and Sunday.

Lana also had an awesome time. She will grow up to be a great supervisor! And no kissing the supervisor while she is on duty. Johan came over to give her some loving, she wasn't having any of that thank you. She kept saying, DONT WANT PICO. (pico = kiss). I love my Lana bear, she is such a rough and tough cookie :)

And look at my twins. They were born 2 years 7 months 6 days apart. They look so much alike, its scary. I have pictures of them at the same age, and you can't tell that they are different kids.


Damama T said...

I just can't imagine being your mother right now. How is she keeping from falling apart over not only losing you, but all those sweet grandbabies, too?? Glad you had a good time in spite of the Mouthys. ;o)

Amie Vaughan said...

Looks like it turned out to be a lovely day. I'm so glad. =) This is the time I always hate... the not-gone-yet-but-nearly. I'm fine once I'm actually gone (well, relatively fine), but I hate the leaving. I hope you can enjoy it!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

OMG lovely day but so bitter sweet!

Heather said...

Huney, i am so glad you got a day to be with your family before you go. That is so exciting!! It looks like a great time, im sad i missed it! Your kids are beautiful, your family is great and your going to have the best trip to see hubby! congrats on everything!!

Honduras Sprout said...

I agree. The goodbyes are the hardest. It was very nice to have an official goodbye type day before we left. It looks like your day was great too. Now almost a year later I can't believe I'm about to go home for a visit. Didn't I just say goodbye?

I'm counting down the days with you.

Jennie B said...

Yeah, see it wasn't so bad. You had big bro to keep you from killing lil bro! You all have such great looking families. Hopefully they will be able to come visit you all sometime when you are settled!

Glad it wasn't as bad as anticipated!! Family picnics are always fun...unless you are a part of my crazy stupid family... no offense Amie, but you know what I'm talking about!

LaGringaMasBella said...

Ohhhh how I feel your vibes of disgust for the sister-in-law. She is a bitch and she knows exactly what she's saying is totally inapropriate. Not to mention just flat out cruel.

I know the day was bitter sweet but just think, the sister-in-law gives you incentive to really love Honduras just b/c she wont be there. lol

Does she know about your blog though? If she does ... she knows exactly how you feel about her; too funny.

-Lisa :)

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

TFS these pictures.... Im sooo happy that you got to spent that day with your family (no matter what have happened)....

And yes, they look so much alike that is REALLY scary....... I will love to see pictures of them at the same age.....Make us guess which one is who.....

Scarlett said...

wow, I wont comment on some of your comments, you are bold!

The latter part of your post was great. It's great to see siblings getting along and loving each other and I'm glad you have at least one whom you seem to love very much.

When I saw that picture of all the kids in the moonbounce I had to laugh and say to myself, "well the majority of those kids in this picture are Jennifer's!" then I had to laugh as I read your caption! girl you're a mind reader!

I hate that you're leaving and don't know that I'll ever be okay with it, but I will say I'm looking forward to reading up on all your Honduras adventures. I wish you the very best, I know you'll be okay, I just pray the kids will be safe and happy!

Andrea said...

Oh it must have been so much fun visiting with family and getting to see everyone! I live 2000 miles away from my family. It is sad at times but it is so much more wonderful when I go to visit!! Just think, everyone can go to visit you and have a little vacation. I love the video!! Lana is sooo cute!!

Gospel Cryer said...

Love the blog!The pics were great! We had a wonderfu time seeing you and I am not a liar dear! I was at home. Wherever Trish, And I plus the kid are together we are at home! Plus I was at Moms, isnt that home?
Love you! Alan

Gospel Cryer said...

Jen, send me the pics please!