Friday, November 16, 2007

Death becomes her... And why Johan needs more brothers

Mickey is fascinated with death. She talks about death all the time. Anytime she can get someone to listen to her, she talks about going to Honduras. But what she talks about is death and killing. Not in a bad sense, but still. She tells that when she gets to Honduras, she is going to run super fast after the chickens and catch them. Then she is going to break their necks like this (as she makes the motion of wringing their necks) then she will take a knife, cut its throat, hang it upside down, then once all of the blood is out, cook it. I guess she plans on eating the feathers? While that sort of is how you kill chickens, she is 4. Well she will be 5 in March, but still. No one has told her this, and I don't know where she got the idea that she is in charge of killing the chickens, and why she thinks she is going to be able to carry around a knife either. If we get there, and start finding dead, headless chickens strung up all over the place, I know who to look for.

In one of our all about chicken books, it shows you how to clean a chicken out, once its been plucked and what not, and how to cut a chicken - down the breast bone, and anytime she has a free moment, you will find her studying that book, on that page. (the best part was when she was describing the picture to Isa. - in the picture was them cutting the breast bone, and Mickey was telling Isa that they have to cut out the butt to get all the poop out so that you dont eat a poopy chicken, LMAO)

It isn't just the chickens that she talks about killing and death. She will ask me about my father (who died back in 04) and ask me why he died. What caused it, who killed him. (He died due to heart issues, and kidney failure issues - no one killed him.) And she will tell Isa and Johan stories about who killed my father, or really about anything - but alot of the time it involves death. Tonight her and Johan were looking at an Oriental Trading catalog, and they have a set of beanie baby style animals - and this set was a set of dinosaurs. And she was telling Johan that the terradactyl one doesn't like the guy with the gun, so he is going to fly down and chop chop chop the gun guys head off. Again, I have no idea where she gets this from - there is nothing like that on Nick Jr. And she isn't saying it like she is trying to scare someone, she is talking about it like telling Johan that a banana is yellow.

And here is proof that Johan needs more brothers close to his age...

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And he isn't letting them do this to him. When the girls start to change clothes playing dress up, he goes through the buckets of clothes that don't fit the girls and picks out his own items to put on.


onthegomom said...

I about died laughing at your post. Of course I am not lauhing AT your pain and agony... with you, only with you. The part about the chicken poop, I was laughing so hard I had tears, TEARS!

My 9 year old daughter talks about 'meeting' Jesus and how she can't wait. I was like.. you know you are dead when you 'meet' Jesus... she says nonchalantly... yea, I know. UMMMMMM, okay?!?

Kids,I tell ya!?!?!??!?!

Andrea said...

My six year old is like that!! But not with chickens. I love those pictures!! He does have a baby brother!! But I must admitt those black boots look awesome on him!!

CancunCanuck said...

Oh Jennifer, great post, you had me laughing out loud! The death thing is kind of freaky, kind of normal I guess. The boots are fab, lol! Max loves wearing my pink platforms and my BRA. Daddy doesn't like it too much, but I think it's part of the natural development. :)

Karen said...

Oooh, you'll have a good time showing Johans' girlfriends those pictures some day. haha

Isn't it strange the things that fascinate children? Death. I'd watch your knives. She may try her skills on the dolls.

Adrians Mama said...

How funny is Johan in girls clothes!!!! Soo cute!! LOL

Honduras Sprout said...

Oh Johan, you are adorable.
My MIL has a photo of my husband dressed in girl clothes.

Your kids are hilarious. The way you describe them has me lol!