Friday, November 30, 2007

a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing

My mother – My mom was going out to dinner tonight, and she wanted to tell me that I wouldn’t be able to get ahold of her, so she told me she was going to be incognito. I think she meant incomunicado.

Chicken Out - I used to work at a restaurant called Chicken Out. They sold - wait for it now - CHICKEN. Well they had a grilled chicken breast sandwhich, and after about a month of me working there, they got a new supplier. With the new supplier when you ordered new chicken breast filets, you would have to order random breasts. Do you know how much I enjoyed that. I tried to explain to my sister in law why I thought it was funny (it made me laugh because I can just imagine them going around and whacking off random breasts) but for some reason it didnt translate as funny in Spanish.

enriques journey - an awesome book. This book is about a boy from Honduras who takes the trip north to the US. No matter what your thoughts are on immigration - legal or illegal - or anything else, this is a book that I think EVERYONE should read. Its a true story. It comes in English and Spanish

Painted house - My husband painted our house. He wont tell me what color it is. Or what colors it is. All I know is that he is extremely fond of the wine/burgandy color. I hope that I dont have a wine/burgandy colored house. I keep asking him, and he wont tell me. he tells me to wait for the pictures, or maybe he wont send me pictures, maybe he will let me be suprised when I show up. Does he not realize I need to know, because if I don't like the colors, I am bringing my own rollers and my own paint when I come.

They are waiting for me - At least once a day he says that someone from the area stops by to ask if this is where the gringa lives, and when the gringa is coming. The "town" if you can call it that isn't that big. He says the people as the come by the house always ask about the gringa. Even if they just asked him yesterday.

Stair Dance - Man, I am so happy I saw this post. Its called the stair dance - learn it. If you have kids, teach it to them. Make sure you click on the link to read all about it!

Hungry Boy - I think Levi doesn't like my 3-6 month clothing, because it seems he is doing his best to get to 6-9 month clothing. Last night he ate at 8, at 9, at 10, at 11 and at 12. Six ounces each time. Then he ate at 4AM and at 7AM, then at 11AM (he was fussing to eat since 10AM, but I kept shoving the pacifier in his mouth to hold him off, LOL) then at 1:30PM, at 4PM, at 6PM and at 8PM. At this rate I am going to have to get a part time job to keep formula in the house as fast as he is going through it.

Lawyer - I have a lawyer for getting everything fixed as far as my residency goes. I am so excited. I have had him for a while, I just kept forgetting to let you all know. I was given the number and email of 4 different lawyers. I sent each one an email, and the lawyer I have now responded the next day. Two of them have yet to respond, and its been over a month since I sent them an email. The last one waited 10 days sent me an email that said they were busy right now and would send me an email with information at a later time, then after another two weeks sent me another email telling me if I wanted information I should send my husband to their offices so that he could talk to them. Um no. I want to talk to the lawyer myself so that I know what needs to be done. My husband is a typical man, he can be in the conversation and get everythign screwed up. When we went to the consulate, he asked the people there what needed to be in the letter giving me permission to register Levi, since he wouldn't be in the states. I wasn't there when he asked (thank God I thought to ask when I went to the back - but he didn't know I asked) So he called me the other day and asked me what needed to be in the letter. What makes it even worse is that this was the 8th time he has asked me what needs to be in the letter, and the last time he asked me he had already written the letter. See why I want to do this myself, and not my husband?

Johan the cat/dog/vacuum - I dont have a little boy, I think I have a rare type of cat/dog. Johan wanted a cup of milk today. Normally cups are to be drank (drunk?) ONLY in the kitchen. Somehow he got by me and was in my room with his cup of milk. He sat down in front of the TV, poured his cup of milk onto the carpet in front of the tv, then leaned over and started to suck the milk out of the carpet. He told me he didn't want to drink from a cup anymore. WTH?? Maybe he thinks he is a steam vacuum, I dont know.


MadMad said...

Love this post! Very interesting/funny. And my nickname was (is still, I guess, with one crowd) Gringa, too!

Adrians Mama said...

So i cant think of a cool or witty commment to put here lol but i liked your post you said a little about alot!!! Those are the best lol! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Johan stories! What a little personality he has!!!

Karen said...

I love your mom dining incognito! How fun. And isn't it wonderful that everyone is so looking forward to the gringa coming? Hopefully that house is a workable color. One can only hope.

Honduras Sprout said...

ha ha ha ha! Johan...if I had milk in my mouth it would be all over my floor (no carpet to suck it out of -lol).

That is awesome you found a lawyer! Isn't it funny the response or lack of response you get from - hello? Did you want to work and make some money???