Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Lana - my little miss sweet and innocent

Lana playing nicely at the train table

The boy has jaundice. He was looking a little yellow yesterday, and I called the doctor about it, since none of my other kids ever had jaundice, I wanted to make sure everything was ok. Well they sent me (ok him) for bloodwork yesterday, and told me to come to the office today for a visit. So I loaded everyone minus Jordan (who was at school) into the van and made the trek over to the doctors office.

My kids love the doctors office . Not only do I have an awesome doctor, but in the waiting room there is a train table set in the end of the waiting room for all of the kids to play with. So when we opened the door, the kids all went running to the train table. After we were there for a bit (we were really early, as usual) this woman walks in with her son Owen, and her daughter. (I know his name because I heard her say it when she was talking to him). Now the first thing out of Owens mouth when he walked in was "I wanted to play with the trains!" so she told him to go ahead and play, but to play nice and share. Then she sat down and began to talk to another lady sitting in the waiting room. Well Owen walks over to the table and grabs some of the train peices that were sitting in the middle of the table (of which there are 30 total - plenty of peices to go around) and starts pushing them around the track. (this is a picture of the table, but not of Owen)

As he is pushing his train around the table he is doing the choo choo train noise at the TOP of his lungs. Seriously screeching as loud as he could. Right by the train table is the secretaries desk - where she is making phone calls. Did his mother tell him to shut up? Nope not at all. She continued to talk to her new friend in the chair next to her. After about 5 minutes of this, I was so ready to smack the kid and tell him to shut the heck up, (only not in such polite words) because his screeching really was plucking my last nerve. Then he gets tired of his screeching and decides that all of his train peices that he has is not enough. So as he passes each of my kids who are playing as well, he is yelling at them to move out of his way, and he would take a couple of their train peices too. For some reason none of my kids said anything to him. (with the exception of Andre, he was bigger than the rest of them - about 6 I would guess, but still my kids know how to say no - trust me, I hear it enough, I know they know). Mickey went against the wall to sulk, Andre just watched him take his trains - I am assuming that since Andre is twice the size of this boy, he just let it be, Johan was playing with a car, so he didn't get anything taken from him, and Isa just went to play with something else. So he is amassing this huge line of trains (they are wooden trains with magnets on each end) and is just taking over the entire table. Then he gets to Lana. He yells at her MOVE. GET OUT OF MY WAY I WANT TO GET BY. And as he is yelling he is trying to push her out of the way with his body. She looks at him, and gets in his face and screams AAAHHHH at him. So he stops for a second and then starts it again. This time as he is pushing her with his shoulders she takes her right hand, which has one of the train peices in it, and hauls off and hits him - HARD, I heard the thunk as it connected - right in the forehead. I have never been so proud of my little girl. (a picture of the trains)

He started to cry, then they called his sister to the back. Well since it was time for him to go back, he did what any other bratty child would do. He grabbed all of the train peices he could get and shoved them in his shirt. (he made a pocket like thing by lifting up the hem of his shirt) His mother told him he couldn't take them all to the back and took one. ONE freaking toy from him, leaving him with 20, and leaving 10 on the table. So as he is going to the back he is screaming at the top of his lungs because he needs that last one. While he is in the back of the office, you can hear him screaming non stop. After about 5 minutes his mother comes back out and asks for two train engines because he didn't have any in his pile and he needed two. Come on woman give me a break. You son is a pain in the you know what, and needs a good old fashioned spanking, and to be taught some manners.

After Owen left, we were still sitting there (I told you we got there REAL early, LOL) and another family comes in. I see this family and I think MAN, this family is HUGE. I count the kids while trying not to be noticed, and they have 9 kids. Then I think - wait a minute - 9 kids, that is only two more than I have. Do I really look like I have this many kids - or close to it? When I went to the back, I asked the doctor if it was another large family, or if it was a day care. Nope its a large family, she actually ahs 10 kids, but only 9 of them were there with her today. So in the two rooms, betwen her and I we had 17 kids. That made me stop and laugh about that. The more I think about it, the more I think I want a number like 10 or 12. I dont know why, maybe its hormones talking, but that number sounds like a great number.


Anonymous said...

YAY Lana! Go girl!

CancunCanuck said...

Yay Lana, lol!

But oh girl, 10 or 12? I love ya, but that's just nuts lady! :)

onthegomom said...

You go Lana!!!

Levi is adorable! Congrats!!!