Saturday, November 10, 2007

why you always need your cell phone charger

Its been a while since I have been able to talk to Lale, and I was getting irritated. I talked to him last Friday to tell him about the baby, and to hear the saga of him picking up the car from the port, and all the problems that entailed. (I will be posting about that later this week). We talked for all of 15 minuted, maybe. Then on Tuesday morning he called for a couple of minutes and after that I hadn't talked to him. I asked him on Tuesday if he knew what Thursday was and he said no what was it, and I told him the 8th, and dhe laughed and said that must make Sunday the 11th. I don't know if he really didn't remember or was just kidding. But come Thursday, he didn't call. And I wasn't mad, because I know its hard to get to his moms house some days, and if he is working up on the mountainside he either stays in the house up there, or he gets back and its late. But it got to the point that everytime the phone rang I was getting upset to see that it wasn't him. Just the stupid bill collectors, LOL.

This morning I wanted to call his moms house, but I said no, I'm not gonna call because when he gets a chance to get to his moms he would call me. All day long the phone rang, and it was never him. So I finally bit the bullet and called his moms house tonight to at least see if things were ok and come to find out he was trying to call me this morning. The only problem was that his cell phone battery has died - because he left the charger here when he left, and I haven't had a chance to send it to him - and he doesn't know the phone number here. His neice was telling me the phone number that he had dialed. He was dialing my cells phones area code (which is different than the area code for the house) the first three numbers of his sisters house, and the last four numbers he was dialing was from a phone number that we had A YEAR AGO. I had to laugh. It struck me as funny though his neice told me that Lale had said maybe it will pass Jennifer's mind to call here now. And it did. But I didn't follow through with it. And that made me sad because I missed the chance to talk to him, and it made me laugh because it isn't the first time that although seperated by over a thousand miles, we are on the same wavelength.

I also had a nice talk with my father in law though, and he said that all he hears our of Lale's mouth is Jenny this, and Jenny that, and that makes me feel good. I know he misses me, but sometimes its hard to believe that he is thinking of me, and since he is alone, that he isn't out hanging out with friends and drinking and what not. I don't know why its so hard to believe that since I am here missing him too. I did find out though that he has taken lots of pictures, and a video, so even when he is telling me he isn't going to take pictures or a video for me I know he is doing it just to get my goat. Which he is good at doing. I am hoping he trys to make it back to his moms house tomorrow so that I can talk to him. I miss hearing his voice.


onthegomom said...

I hope you have gotten to talk to your husband! Best wishes.

Andrea said...

I hope he can make it over to his mom's house. It's so hard being that far away from eachother. You are one tuff cookie!!!