Sunday, November 4, 2007

My boy has expensive tastes - at 2 days old

Levi is going to be one of those people who likes things that cost money - I can already tell. At the hospital they give you formula in little 3oz glass bottles, and it comes with a funky nipple to attach to it. By funky, I mean the material its made out of. I can't think of what its called off the top of my head, but none of my kids ever liked those nipples.

Well, I have some bottles that I LOVE. With each of my kids (from Mickey on) I have used the Parents Choice brand bottles, and have loved them. All of the kids liked them best too. So in getting ready for Levi, I purchased a ton of these bottles (which by the way, are rather inexpensive - $2.96/3) and sterilized them. Or as Jordan told Mickey, I fertilized them, LOL. There were more than 20 bottles that I boiled the other day.

When we got home from the hospital, and it was time to feed Levi, I would dump the formula from the glass bottle into one of the bottles that I had ready to go. He would make a face, and drink it, but I could tell he didn't like the style of the nipple. Friday night he would be hungry, and when I gave him the bottle he would eat, but not to much. So come the 5AM feeding I finally took out the bottle that was in my gift diaper bag from the hospital. I had never used these types of bottles, and in all honesty, I never would think to use them. Except that in desperation for some sleep, you do what you can. So I poured the formula into this new bottle, and he drank it all like he hadn't eaten since he was born. So Saturday I went online and was checking out the prices for these bottles. The run about $3.33/per bottle. My mom went out and got me 5.

Now I have a ton of bottles that aren't being used, (maybe in a couple of months he will grow into them) and 5 that I am constantly washing. All because my son has to have the expensive things.

*sigh* to be a little baby/child and have everything go your way. What a life that has got to be, LOL.


Karen said...

Dontcha love it? Kids will always make up their minds to do just what mamma decided they shouldn't do.

Keep the spendy canned formula away from him. The powder variety is cheaper and ignorance is bliss.

CancunCanuck said...

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams, he's living the lifestyle of the rich and famous! Maybe when he's grown he really will be rich and famous and able to keep you in the manner to which he got accustomed from day one. :)

Andrea said...

My little girl is like that too. We had to switch her formula to the expesive kind and she has to have dr. brown bottles. They are a bit cheaper than 3.33 per bottle. He is adorable. I like cancuncanuck's idea, maybe he will become rich and famus and keep you in the manner to which he got accustomed to!!! Sounds nice huh?