Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The countdown is on...

Here is a picture of Lale and Juan - my husband's nephew who also left for Honduras today.
Taken right before they went through the security checkpoint.

Well as I write this, my husband is somewhere in Honduras between San Pedro Sula and Tocoa. Actually he is between La Ceiba and Tocoa. He was supposed to call when he got to his dads house, but they stopped by an aunts house in La Ceiba, so I don't know when he is going to call.

Its been an odd day for me. Last time when he went to Honduras, we weren't married, and there were some other things going on and when he left, we weren't sure what was going to happen. I was six months pregnant with Isa, and it was really very hard for me to deal after he had left. The first time he left we had been together almost two years. Two years of having him by my side day and night - I didn't know what to do when he was gone. After he left, for the first two months that he was gone I couldnt eat without getting sick, I couldn't sleep - I was a mess. The entire 10 months that he was gone, I do not think a day passed that I didn't cry. And the funny thing is, three months after he left, I flew to Honduras and we got married. But while that put things into perspective - as to who I was in his life, and where I stood, it didn't make it any easy to live my day to day without him. Pitiful I know.

At the end of August, when he bought his ticket, I thought for sure I would spend so much time crying. And I didn't. I was pretty much calm about the whole thing. The tears really didn't start until yesterday. But even then it was only for a moment or two. Even at the airport, I didn't cry except when it was time to say goodbye. And the tears lasted for just a few minutes. I drove all the way home, exhausted - I got up at 6AM on Monday, and didn't get home until almost 6AM this morning. And I fell right asleep. So I figured that I was doing pretty well. Well I am not doing as well as I thought I was. Off and on today I have been crying. And it happens over the silliest things. I walked by the dresser and cried because I *knew* it was empty. Mickey asked me if I missed Papi, and I cried. So she tells me its ok, once school is out we are all going to Honduras and not to cry. Which makes me cry even more, then she will go and grab a book or a magazine and wave it in front of my face so that it can help me stop crying. Such a little momma, LOL. Its been like that all day long. I know once the kids go to bed, its going to be worse because I won't have them here to occupy my mind.

Part 2 - its now 7:30PM and I just spoke to him. He FINALLY made it to Tocoa. He was telling me that the plane was held up in El Salvador for about 45 minutes, and then they made all sorts of pit stops between San Pedro and Tocoa. So when I called to see if he was there yet - Mickey was getting ready to go to bed, and wanted to say goodnight - I talked to him for all of two minutes as he had just walked in the house less than 5 minutes ago. And I knew he wanted to spend time with Sendi and Gisela. It's been three and a half years since he had seen them. I hope to speak with him on Saturday or Sunday to be able to talk to him some more. Hopefully I wont be such a crying mess by then. ;)

I don't know whats going on with the coloring on this picture - I brought the camera this morning, but didn't take any pictures.
So while I in the bathroom, my brother in law took a couple of pictures without me knowing.

As of today there are only 257 days until I am in Honduras - back where I belong, in my husbands arms. Hopefully the days will go by as fast as this pregnancy has gone.

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LaGringaMasBella said...

I'm just stopping by to say hey!:)

OMG, girl you have a big litter.I swear I don't know a single person (besides my suegra who has a small herd of 12, lol)that has sooo many kids. You must be filled with plenty of motherhood stories.

Anyway it's good to know that your husband arrived safely with no major delays/problems but you're gonna have to keep yourself occupied to fight off those tears.

I wish I knew what I was talking about but I've never spent more than a week away from my husband.

Who am I kidding? I'd be a basket case.

Hang in there and blog it. You'll have lots of people to help pass that time away! I'll keep checking back to see how you are doing.