Saturday, October 13, 2007

The New Man In My Bed

Johan has for the most part enjoyed my husband not being here. When Lale was here, Johan used to fight with him to be able to sleep in our bed. Johan would say "Papi - go sleep on the couch, or go sleep upstairs this is my bed." And he was forever trying to find ways to stay in our bed. Well the other night he was watching tv in my room with me, and fell asleep, and I didn't feel like carrying him upstairs to bed. So he stayed in my room. If it wasn't starting a bad habit, I would let him stay everynight, because in my room there is no one there to bother him in the morning, and he actually gets to sleep the amount of time that he needs. When he is in his own bed, all the kids up in the morning getting ready for school wake him up and he is up before 7AM, so then he becomes a crankpot by lunch.

He does miss his papi though. Yesterday as we were leaving to go to a doctors appointment he asked me if we were going to pick up papi. And before I could say no, he said "Papi's been at work a long time." Things like that make me sad because he is to little to understand, but I also know the time until we leave - while it seems like a short time - will pass quickly. Mickey will say at least once a day - "Mommy, we are going to Honduras after school is all done right?" So I know she thinks about him all the time. She was the one who would count down the days until he left, and as each day passed, she was in his lap more, giving him more hugs and kisses as the time passed. She is waiting for the video's and pictures too because she was promised pictures of her cows and horses. And Isa was promised pictures of her chickens. I told Lale to send them for Christmas so that Christmas morning we can spend the morning after opening our gifts with my husband on the tv, and the kids can enjoy meeting "their" animals.

I had a sonogram today, and according to the lady, this baby is still a boy. I know that sounds funny, and I really think its a boy, lately I have been having this thought that its going to be a girl, LOL. He is apporxamently 7 pounds right now, and he has 19 days until I am induced. I wanted to have him on my anniversay - November 8th, but I don't think thats going to happen. It looks like it will be the 1st of November that he will be here. I can't wait. I would love to be able to bend over again, LOL.

Yesterday all afternoon and evening all I wanted to do was to pick up the phone and call him. But I didn't. I only had one calling card, and I didn't want to waste it with him not being there, or not being able to talk. (Tell me why is it so freaking expensive to call Honduras?? I always see on those 10-10-xxx commercials prices to call Honduras is $.37 - $.43/minute, but you can call somewhere else much farther away - I don't know Spain maybe for like $.12/minute. What is that all about? I know to call Guatemala is like $.10/minute, thats crazy.) Well about 11:00PM last night the phone rang, and it was Lale. If he only knew how much it means to me that he calls. I know how silly that sounds, but he is one of those people who hate to talk on the phone - even to his wife, LOL. He just hates to sit on the phone. Where as I am one of those people who can get on the phone and talk for hours on end. But last night he called, and I called him back, and we talked for almost an hour. It was so nice.

He got his license, and the paperwork he needs to get the car once it gets there. He was also telling me how easy it is to spend the money there, and how hard it is to make some, LOL. During the day he has been working with Chepe (his brother) laying down the cement floor. They only have two more rooms to go and the floor will be done. Then he has to work on the kitchen he said - getting everything, sinks and what not, in there, and run the electricity. I want to send him some of those grounded electrical sockets - the kind with the test/reset buttons on it - like this one, to put in the kitchen and bathrooms, but they are like $12.00/each here, and right this moment I don't have the money to buy a bunch of them. I asked him what he was doing for a bed because he doesn't have a bed down there, and he said he is sleeping on the floor where it is nice and cool because the matress would be to hot. So I told him I guess he isnt in a hurry for me to come down there because 1 - i'm not sleeping on the floor, and 2 -it would be to hot to sleep side by side - especially because he is one who gets super hot when he is sleeping. He laughed and said he would make our bed out of cement. LMAO - NOT

I know I said this in my last post, but I cannot wait until he sends me pictures. I hope its soon, but I know it wont be until November at least. I bought him a digital camera before he left, and told him to just to get a disk made, and I can make my own pictures here, but he is so funny complaining about how expensive it would be to do that, so I told him to just send me the card with a letter, I will take care of it here, and send it back. Then he complained what if he wanted to take pictures, LOL. He is such a complainer, I swear though he talks just to hear his own voice. When I bought him the camera he complained because he doesn't know how to use a digital camera, (although the instruction booklet that comes with it is in SPANISH) I showed him and he said maybe he would just sell it. AARRGG that man. I know he said that just to rile me up, but still. Hasn't he learned not to mess with a pregnant woman by now? LOL. I am working on my list of things to do each month, and on the first of each month I am going to post my months to do list to help me get ready for everything. Looking at this list - with what I have to do so far - there is alot of stuff to do, and thats good because it is going to make the time go by quickly. Plus its almost tax season, and that is when I work, (and deal with the idiots - I swear to you these people get on my last nerve) and for those 3 months my life is nonstop people. Once tax season is done, that only leaves me two months until moving date.

For those of you who have moved to Honduras from here, what did you bring with you that you thought you would *need* but once here, realized you wouldn't need it? And what did you not bring but wish you had? My kids have solid wood bunk beds that I wanted to bring down but he said to sell them, that we can get beds down there just as nice for less money than it would cost shipping the beds down there. (the beds would be disassembled and put in the van, or if I can get a box truck, then they would be put in a box truck - so technically it wouldn't cost anything to send them down, as they would go with the truck. Only the introduction would be where they would charge me, I am assuming.) Also, when you shipped your stuff down, did you get a shipping container - a 20'/40' one? How much of a hassle was it to find one? I have found one, but they charge almost $5,000 to get to Honduras, then extra money once there to have a truck driver take it to Tocoa. And that is WAAAAYYYY to much money. I am trying to find one that will ship out of Baltimore since the Baltimore port is only 10 minutes away. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Honduras Sprout said...

Man, I wrote this whole comment and it got lost. Argh!

I wish I would have brought a light cordless vacuum.

We just had our king size bed shipped from the US because we didn't like our Honduran made queen. It was supposed to be a good brand (FOAM) and for the cost was not as good as what you could get in the US if you looked around. It cost $350 to ship from CA.

I also would bring ibuprofen if you like that stuff. I had a hard time finding it here and it was expensive.

Can't think of anything else off the top of my head. But if I do, I'll let you know!