Friday, October 19, 2007

Today I am 22446 days old

I was blog surfing tonight and on La Gringa Mas Bella's site I came across this link to a Life Expectancy Calculator.

Well according to this calculator, while my biological age is 31.5 yrs, my virtual age is 13.5 yrs, with a life expectancy of 91.5 yrs. According to this site I can expect to live approximately another 22100 more days.

While La Gringa is thinking of what is she going to cook, the only thing I can think of to say to this is BAH. I certainly don't feel like I am 13.5 yrs old. (although my sense of humor may sometimes be right around that age, LOL). I feel more like I am 82 yrs old. These kids run me ragged, this pregnancy runs me ragged. But they give lots of extra time for being happily married, for not to much stress - which even though I complain about it, I really am not that stressed, wearing a seat belt all the time, not driving far in a year, and getting enough sleep. Although I did sort of cheat on that one. They asked how much sleep do you get at night. I put in how much sleep I get in a day - since I get about 5 hours at night and i have been getting 2 - two hour naps a day as well, so that equals 9 hours. Sounds good to me, LOL. I also don't smoke. I am suprised that they didn't add to much time on for me being obese, and not exercising. I guess once I have this baby, and I start to lose some weight, maybe I can retake the quiz and my virtual age will drop down to 9, LMAO.

On another note.. La Gringa - the one in Honduras that is - has puppies. Little Chihuahua's. I have been beggin and begging and begging for a chihuahua for the longest time, and my husband PROMISED that when I get to Honduras I can get one. I had asked her - sort of jokingly - that if she was planning on breeding her dogs again could she time it so that she would have some puppies ready to be sold around the end of June 08, so that I could get one or two when I went down there. Well that isn't going to happen because she has now had her make dog fixed :( So maybe she can hold one or two for me until I get there... Or maybe I can get my husband to go pick one up from her - probably not. But they are the cutest things. Go check them out...


Karen said...

Thanks for the calculator link. I'm geeky enough to absolutely love stuff like that and am going to check it out right now.

And thanks for commenting at my blog. It's always nice to hear that people are reading.

LaGringaMasBella said...

LOL your age may drop down to 9?

My mind already fluctuates, depending on the age of the person I'm interacting with, ... it just auto adjusts, sometimes gets stuck too.

You can keep a chihuahua! Been there and done that. When ours, Chuba, began pooping all over my house I told him that his days were numbered.

A week later we gave him to an elderly lady who needed a good friend and he's doing great with her.

I think I'd be looking for a big guard dog anyway lol.