Friday, October 5, 2007

packing the car...

Well yesterday was the day that I went to drop the car off at the port. I wish I had thought to take a picture of the car, but for some reason it didn't even cross my mind. Call it pregnancy brain I guess, LOL. The car, a 98 Mazda 626, was PACKED. And by packed I mean extremely packed. My husband was irritated that I refused to drive the car over 2 hours away to the port - but thats a different story all together.

We bought this car because with everything that he wanted to send to Honduras, it would have cost well over $1200 - and it would have taken over a month. We found the car for $950, packed everything up in the car, and it only cost us $740 to send. AND he has a car to drive until I get there with the van.

I don't know if you remember, but in a previous post, my husband and Andre had fought with a huge box - and had finally got it taped up inside the car to be filled with stuff. The box, while originally square ended up being more of a circular shape. I tried to tell him the stuff wouldn't fit, but he wouldn't listen. He swore he would MAKE it all fit. Eventually after trying to fit square boxes into a round hole (the box that was in the car) and realizing it didn't work he decided *on his own, with no help from me* that it would be better NOT to put the box in the back seat. LOL.

Each weekend he was off from the time we bought the car until this past weekend he would go to the junkyard and go treasure hunting. In all his treasure hunting he brought home 4 different rear view mirrors, 5 different sized rims and tires, various and multiple (meaning more than 500) dashboard lights, a face to a stereo that he found - but not the actual stereo that it goes to, and alot of other fun things. All stuff to take to Honduras because you never know, he may need it there.

Well Wednesday he took off so that he could go shopping at Walmart to get more stuff to send with the car. We ended up going to 4 different Walmarts getting everything that he wanted. So we got home around 10PM and he went to the car and took EVERYTHING out and re-packed the car. Or tried to. He never was very good at puzzles. Finally at 1:30AM I went out and in 25 minutes had it repacked and ready to go.

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Honduras Sprout said...

Does the $740 include all the import fees? My husband went to pay to get the car out of hawk at the port and they tell him there is some new import fee of like $400 or something. We were stuck paying it or losing the car. Tried not to think about that.

Hopefully getting the car legal will be easier where your husband is at (La Ceiba). My husband ended up having to pay someone to stand in line for 3 days. It took that long! My husband thinking it would take one day didn't want to take work off to go to La Ceiba to get it taken care of which we were told can be done in a day there and also having gas expenses.

I laughed about your husband's car packing. That was really funny!