Saturday, October 27, 2007

Those silly chickens that say BAWK BAWK BAWK

Johan is "reading" my book on raising chickens

When we move to Honduras we will have chickens - we already have cows, horses, donkeys, and we did have pigs. But they were sold. Out of all of these animals, horses are the only ones that I have a ton of knowledge about. (I guess donkeys count to, since they are along the lines of horses) I used to work with horses, and before life happened, I used to want to have a Quarter Horse Breeding Farm. (to be honest I still do - but thats another story). The rest of the animals, I have limited knowledge on care, feeding, raising etc. But I have time to learn. 239 days to be exact.

I figured, since most of the animals will be up in the mountain part of the land (thats where all the pastures and what not are) I would focus on chickens first. I have been doing online research on chickens, and chicken coops and just basic information about chickens. But I am one who likes to have a book in hand to be able to read, and re-read so that I can absorb everything that I need to, but also to have it in case I need to refer back to it. Just my luck the other day I found a Barnes and Noble gift card that was given to me last year at Christmas. I hadn't used it yet, so I went shopping. I picked up a book on raising chickens, a book on building chicken coops and a book on raising small livestock.

Well today the UPS man rang our doorbell and dropped off the box. I was all excited, I opened the box looked at each book for about 5 seconds, then Johan, Mickey and Isa each took a book and went to "read" them. It wasn't until just a bit ago I was able to get them back and actually sit down and start to read them. I started with the chicken coop book, and so far it has been really interesting. I like that it has basic plans for a coop as well. I told Lale when he called me tonight about it, and once I am done, I am going to send him some plans to build me a coop before I get down there. I am hoping it will be done. But even if it isn't, I know how to work a drill, and a hammer and nails. (I am much better with power tools than with a sewing machine and frying pans, LOL)

Andre also was excited and wants to read the books as well. He has been talking about raising some chickens these past couple of days as well. So I figure getting him involved with this will help me maybe adjust to moving to Honduras.


Karen said...

How fun is that?! The kids will have such a good time with the animals. Who am I kidding? It sounds as though you will, too. :) Don't give up the dream of the QH ranch. That could be a real possibility.

LaGringaMasBella said...

I have a quick question... are there any animals that are specific to the region you're moving to that could be a threat to your chickens?

It's best to make sure before you build a pen that can't protect them from the big bad wolf.

lol, like chupacabras or something.

Megan said...

What an adorable video! How cute! :)

Yes, I definitely know what job I want lol. And I'm pretty sure I got it.

Towards the end of the interview the interviewers were saying "If you are picked for this position...etc." Then they asked if I was presently working and as they looked on my application I had filled out, I told them that I had made up a new resume for them and that I am currently working as a room attendant (or housekeeper) at the Westin. They complimented what a bonito and lovely hotel it was and I told them it had 403 rooms when they said it was huge.

They looked down at my resume and said that they would "definitely be contacting me" and also gave me a sheet explaining about the job and benefits, etc.

So it looks to me that I got the job! :) Still though, since I HATE disappointment (who doesn't?) I am NOT putting all my eggs in one basket!

I have my fingers crossed for a call or written notice about the job this week or even the next! :)